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From: Starshadow <starshadow@starshadowlovesxenu.net>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: Goon Squad Trouper Tries New Song and Dance (was Re: CLairifica...
Date: Wed, 04 Dec 2002 06:35:27 -0800
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Tigger wrote:
> Gerry Armstrong says:
>>Starshadow says:
> (snip)
>>Oh don't be goofy. The Scientology cult,
>>I'm quite sure, would bankroll your

Unlike the liar and thief Armstrong, I've never accepted a dime from
Minton, nor have I ever asked for nor recieved any processing or money
from the CofS. In this post he makes it clear he is lying, when he as
much as accuses me of working in collusion with his cult by suggesting
that they would "bankroll" my "lawsuit" --a lawsuit I've made it clear I
cannot afford to launch nor am I inclined, unlike many, to sue at the
drop of a hat, despite his defamation of my character and accusations
of those things he himself --and his girlfriend--is guilty of.

> Hey Gerry,
> Who do you think is bankrolling all the lawsuits Minton has filed
> against critics, anti-cult lawyers, Lisa's family, etc.?

Armstrong knows full well who is bankrolling the lawsuits. He chooses
to not pay attention since he has at least had his hand deep in Minton's

>>Don't forget to write "this is okay" at the
>>end of your CSW.

Unlike Armstrong, I don't subscribe to and never have subscribed to the
CofS crap, so I don't speak Hubbardspew nor do I use it.
It's pretty obvious who does, though, isn't it?

> The people who should be on your "OSA" list are Robert Minton & Stacy
> Brooks.....they are the ones who are helping Rinder/OSA. So why don't
> you have a (special) list for them?
>>The cult loves to finance "individuals" to
>>sue its fair game victims.

Here is where Armstrong paints himself anew as a victim, in order to
maintain his victim status, which he might once have kept honestly, but
now casts in doubt --at least to me--by engaging in the same tactics as
those he pretends to decry.
After all, why go out and earn an actual living when one can play victim
to the hilt and live off others' misguided generosity?

> True. But I betcha the cult much prefers getting "individuals" to use
> their own money to sue its fair game victims. Tell me, has Minton been
> promised some more "perks" if he continues to engage in the "litigation"
> business which he swore he wanted to get out of?
>>You're doing their black PR work now.
>>I'm sure they be happy if you fomented
>>a little legal TA for them?

More lies from Armstrong, the thief and liar. Note carefully that it
isn't me who puts up a webpage with names and faces and stolen posts of
those who had the temerity to call him a liar, a thief and a lunatic.

> Minton and Brooks have done, are doing and will continue to do the
> cult's black PR for the CULT so why don't you, Gerry, quit doing black
> PR on critics and inform the public of the real traitors and the real
> black PR that they have done and are doing?
>>I don't imagine that you'll tell them at the
>>same time that you're lying to them,

Here Armstrong, the liar and the thief accuses others of doing what he
is engaged in--he and his girlfriend.

> No.....that was/is Minton and Brooks.....it's been proven over and over
> again by the words from their own mouths.........
> The GOOFY one here is you, GERRY, if you can't see that. Perhaps you
> should chane your name to GOOFY OrmStrAnge?

Goofy implies funny. There is nothing at all humorous in Armstrong's
theft of others' intellectual property, Armstrong's lies and black
propaganda, Armstrong's DA webpage on which he claims people are
working for OSA who have never had anything to do with the cult he once
embraced, and Armstrong's attempt at manufacturing threats where none
exist--nor his fantasies about posts he thinks others should make, in
which he literally puts words in peoples' mouths.

Armstrong is a liar, a thief, and I spit on him. No, take that back. If
his brain was on fire, at this point, I wouldn't piss in his ear to put
it out. I'm outright disgusted by his gang of bullies and his cult.

He has, in short, become what he pretends to oppose. I wouldn't be
surprised if his buddy Minton decided to bankroll a lawsuit filed by
Armstrong at some point against other critics for some imagined slight.

Bright Blessings,

Starshadow, KoX, SP5, Official Wiccan Chaplain ARSCC(wdne)
"Scientology in 1986, after fraud judgement in favor
of ex-member Lawrence Wollersheim --'Not one thin dime for
Scientology May 9, 2002 before final appeal--
86,746,430 Thin Dimes for Wollersheim." www.factnet.org
www.xenu.net --what the Church of Scientology doesn't want
you to see




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