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From: Starshadow <starshadow@starshadowlovesxenu.net>
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Subject: Re: Pastor Grabdough slithers again
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2002 07:04:31 -0800
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Garry wrote:
> Starshadow <starshadow@starshadowlovesxenu.net> wrote in message news:<3DD80F39.50007@starshadowlovesxenu.net>...
>>>>Do a google search, asshole. I'm not doing your work for you.
>>>>Oh, btw, Grabdough, this is the last response you'll get from me until
>>>LOL. You are not only a witch, You are really stupid :-)
>> Thank you for confirming everything I said about attacks.
> The psychotic, ill-manner, pseudo-preacher Goosey Gandow. It's no
> wonder why such trash follows scam artists like Gerry Armstrong. As
> the saying goes, "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree."

To be fair, I once thought better of Gerry Armstrong, but he's fallen
into cult thinking like a good two thirds of this ng, where once if a
psycho posted, most of the time it was an OSA mouthpiece (not always, of
course). Grabdough has been an embarrassment to his church since his
first post or two, name calling (would he keep pointing out to a Jew or
a Muslim that they were such the way he keeps saying "witch" as though
it's an epithet, one wonders? ) and petulant whining. He isn't the first
poster to do so, but when he posts as a supposed representation of his
Christ on earth, as pastors or reverands are supposed to do when of his
religion, and then acts distinctly in totally unChristlike manner, while
at the same time pointing fingers at others, it's dispicable. Gerry
seems to have fallen prey to the same disorder. Maybe he already had it
in him a long time ago. There is a certain element of critical thinking
lacking in those who fell prey to the cult for so long--many of whom
carry it over into their later years. Gerry is doing an extreme form of
it--putting up webpages with people he disagrees with is the same thing
the CofS does, and his denials of that are hypocritical in the
extreme--but I once thought better of him. Oh, well, I once thought
better of a number of people on this ng who have shown themselves to be
hypocrites, liars and intolerant of others' opinions without being able
to rebut them aside from DAing them.

Life is full of disappointments, ain't it?

(Grabdough isn't one of them. I expected nothing better of him.)


Bright Blessings,

Starshadow, KoX, SP5, Official Wiccan Chaplain ARSCC(wdne)
"Scientology in 1986, after fraud judgement in favor
of ex-member Lawrence Wollersheim --'Not one thin dime for
Scientology May 9, 2002 before final appeal--
86,746,430 Thin Dimes for Wollersheim." www.factnet.org
www.xenu.net --what the Church of Scientology doesn't want
you to see




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