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From: Barbara_Schwarz@myway.com (Still_lying_about_Marty)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: Why is that phony other Barbara Schwartz saying bad things about me?
Date: 12 Apr 2004 22:38:41 -0700
Organization: http://groups.google.com
Lines: 122
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StilllovingMarty@myway.com (Barbara Schwarz) wrote in message news:<bf456302.0404121524.3e09abc4@posting.google.com>...

> "Revd. Norle Enturbulata" <nopeearthlight2k@norhotmail.com> wrote in message news:<4079269d@news2.lightlink.com>...

> > So now you're in Inglewood, Colorado, huh?

Nope. Try again, you copyright violator and Nazi secret service
> Garry Scarff stole my identity again. It must be terrible to be Garry
> Scarff if he needs my identity so badly. :)

Stop forgering my posts, you criminal liar. Or I will have to turn my
husband Mark Rathbun Manson Magillicutty Rothschild Merrill Lynch on

He must hate himself, but that is not surprising.

There you go again, you criminal liar...blaming everyone but yourself
for all you self-created misfortunes....say...you're not related to
Gerry Armstrong are you? :-)

He posts with org in Inglewood, Colorado, but the pervert is in Los
Angeles, where he visits on a regular basis a gay pick up "church"

ROTFLOL!!! I'm posting from a secret submarine base underneath the Los
Angeles River, you ditz. And stop forging my posts. I have better
things to do like pop my pretty blue and pink pills my Utah prison
psychiatrist said I had to take every day to stay sane and lucid..or
is that putrid...I forget.

One of their ex-members informed me that the place is toxic and that
he and his friends were raped there. Would not surpise me if Scarff
participates in such actions. He is completely lawless.

Whatever, you say criminal liar and Nazi secret service agent with a
rusty ear implant. My psychiatrist at the Utah State Hospital where I
was forcibly institutionalized for 5 years said I was utterly insane
which is why my parents in Germany send me money to live on in Salt
Lake. They hate me and do not want me around them for fear of
infecting other Schwarz's.>
> Barbara Schwarz

FORGERER! I AM THE REAL BARBARA SCHWARZ...now where's my pills??

P.S. Postings with e-mail addresses
Martyisirresistable@emailaccount.com, StilllovingMarty@myway.com,
BarbaraSchwarz@excite.com and Martyisirresistable@emailaccount.com are
not done by me, but maybe they are. It depends if I've remembered to
take my 22 pills that the psychiatrists at the Utah State Hospital
said I have to take if I am to remain sane and lucid.

Other e-mail accounts presumably, but not always, but just maybe are
terrible forgeries of criminal, RolAids infected, gay lunatic Garry
Lynn Scarff who is really an imposter portrayed by singer Britney
Spears, who is also my granddaughter but she doesn't know it yet, a
fanatical Madonna defender. Britney Scarff..I mean...Garry Lynn
Spears...I mean..oh forget it, you know
who I'm talking about..I think..maybe..where's those damn
drugs...procreates with me from thread to thread often using my names
as phony identity for those crimes I committed before I was committed
to the mental institution for the criminally insane for going
bonkers(!)and verbally assaults me, threatens me, harasses me,
sexually harasses me even when Britney Scarff knows I only give really
lousy blowjobs to skid row drunks as a free community service, tries
to imitate, blabbels, insults and lies with me.

She also lied that she spokes to a former lesbian roomate of mine in
the Utah
mental health hospital where I was forcibly incarcerated in 1995-2000.
I never was in that hospital as a sane person, but maybeI was and I
forgot, but she probably escaped from one belonging to Justin
Timberlake. I'm gonna slap that Cameron Dias for stealing my Justin.

Britney Lee Rotschild Scarff is active member of the gay WeHo rodeo,
that according to the shameless Britney Scarff applaudes her lawful
behaviors against me, I thinkest, but I'm not sure. I forgot where I
put my pills. Did you see them? (!) An ex-WeHoHoHoHoHo rodeo dismember
writed me that this gay rodeo sanctions and promotes dishonorable
behavior with bulls and calfs and
milk cows she and his friends were raped and drugged by one of their
active bulls posing as a lesbian matador, and that none of their
active dismembers murdered brothers under the disguise of "drug
overdoses" like the ones I always had before being arrested and
locked up in the mental institutions, and served them up for dinner at
the local restaurants.

The ex-WeHoHoHoHo rodeoists wrote that the gay cows and lesbian bulls
make sexual noises (like baaaaa...baaaaaa.)during rodeo shows and in
their semens and "rodeo" and the breedership doesn't see what's wrong
with that.

Condoleeza Rice, another fierce Madonna defender, posted also with the
stolen identity of Wally the Walrus. He is as little a Wally the
Walrus as a watery and oily otter is an impressive chipmunk. She
threatened imaginary governmental officials over the Internet, wants
to celebrate when both President Bush's dogs are dead and has some
really neat tips on his website on how to kill bakers. Now, what was I
talking about. And where did I put those damned drugs?

Barbara Billingsley, self-proclaimed "chaplain" of the Leave It To
Beaver newsgroup and snakespit, another Madonna promoter, is a Wally &
Beaver offender and pleaded guilty to possession and manufacturing of
prohibited "Meet my Beaver" T-shirts and underwears under California
penis code. She congratulated the gay WeHoHoHoHoHo rodeo accepting
Britney Lee Rothschild Scarff's subliminaland imaginary behaviors
against me and my imaginary husbands which I always visit when I take
the pretty pink and blue
pills my prison psychiatrists give me to be a real person. They say I
very sick and delusional but they are all German Nazi secret service
agents in disguise with rusty ear implants. But, she posted before
that there is no God before me..or something like that...I don't
really remember because I can't find my god damn pills my damn
psychotrists said I have to take to stay insane and putrid. She also
pisses with stolen identity Ronald McDonald, the Teeth Fairy, Snow
White, and with the stolen identity of the late criminal cult
leader and terrible liar and my husband L. Ron Hubbard, or Tom Cruise,
I forgot because I can't find my damn pills. Did you see them?





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