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From: ffracs@hotmail.com (Garry)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: Another of Armstrong's lengthy lies
Date: 6 Dec 2002 09:34:35 -0800
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Gerry Armstrong <gerry@gerryarmstrong.org> wrote in message news:<86i0vuok7ms3novbv737ia5qiju1okjbmh@4ax.com>...

> On Thu, 05 Dec 2002 19:07:29 -0500, ptsc <ptsc <at> nym <dot> alias
> <dot> net> wrote:
> >From his front page:
> >
> >"Comments are welcome. Criticisms don't necessarily mean that
> >you're a criminal."
> >
> >What a fucking lie. Criticize Armstrong and you end up on his page,
> >libeled as "Scientology's Usenet Black PR and Ops." Burn in Hell,
> >Armstrong, you lying dirtbag.
> >
> >The person helping OSA here is you, by lying about people. You've
> >fully adopted their tactics, then you have a pathetic lie like that on your
> >front page to trick people into thinking that criticism of you is actually
> >tolerated. It isn't. People who criticize you end up on your kooky hate
> >page, entitled "Scientology's Usenet Black PR and Ops."
> >
> >How you REALLY help OSA here is that anyone who has to take your
> >word on something related to Scientology now has to evaluate that word
> >in light of your willingness to lie about and defame your critics for
> >disagreeing with you.
> No, Rob, you're lying. People who like you who pretend to be so stupid
> just to so viciously attack Scientology's fair game victims could end
> up on the GOoNsQUaD FOLLIES page, which, as you know, but pretend not
> to know in order to pretend to have a real basis to make your vicious
> attacks, for the benefit of your pretended stupidity I've retitled in
> the html page title "Gerry Armstrong--Posts by a.r.s. participants who
> claim to not be formally employed OSA staff or formally operated OSA
> agents but who, in and with pretended stupidity, forward OSA's
> purposes by attacking the Scientology cult's fair game victims."

snip of Armstrong's "acceptable truth"
> So will you withdraw your lies? Oops, you've killfiled me, so you
> don't have to see my debunking of your lies. And speaking of
> killfiling, isn't it you who have plonked me into silence. I welcome
> rational debate. You on the other hand can't handle it.
>© Gerry Armstrong, Certified Liar & Kook

Gerry Jihad, the Narcisssistic Liar & Kook. Speaking of "rational
debate," Gerry Jihad, you have not said one peep about Beverly's
statements about you as a "liar." WHY IS THAT??

Scared that she might give us something else to further discredit you
as the lying scumbag that you are? You're such a chickenshit posting
paragraph after paragraph of self-absorbed horseshit intended to put
yourself on the pedestal.

And speaking of "rational debate" Gerry Jihad, why is is that you
cannot answer the simple questions that Tigger and others have asked
you...you continue to lie and spin and distort with paragraph after
paragraph of nothingness.

Beverly says it best about you, Fruitcake Gerry Jihad:


Person claims to be an ex-scientologist ~out~ of scientology . . .


Person then continues using scientological actions.






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