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From: ffracs@hotmail.com (Garry)
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Subject: Re: Tigger Unit's claim re Minton v. Leipold
Date: 14 Nov 2002 11:26:49 -0800
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boobootigger@webtv.net (Tigger) wrote in message news:<3450-3DD3A118-49@storefull-2275.public.lawson.webtv.net>...

> What the HELL are you talking about? It's Minton and the Church of
> Scientology who is ATTACKING Ken Dandar.
> >So, I find all these attacks from you all
> > quite despicable, and much damaging
> > for Lisa's cause.
> Well the attacks you just did here are despicable, delutional and PURE
> BULLSHIT. Who has joined the COS to make the Lisa wrongful death suit
> "go away" to spit on LIsa's grave and her family and to get the COS off
> the hook?

No use getting all huffy over it, Tigger. The truth remains that Bob &
Stacy turned..not out of a gesture to assist Scientology... but so Bob
could unglue himself from all the litigation that surrounded him and
so he could retain the moneyed lifestyle that he was accustomed to.
For Stacy, who benefitted financially being Bob's mistress, the leaf
does not fall far from the tree.
> Geesh, GET A BRAIN.

Gerry Armstrong needs one. Isn't it interesting that a popular
ex-Scieno that received over $100,000 from Minton REFUSES and HIDES
from questions on what his opinion of Bob Minton is now...since the
flip-flop to Scientology..

Curious whether Gerry surmises that if he avoids the questions, he
might still be able to get some more $$$ from the Minton ATM.




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