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Subject: Personality-disordered Gerry Armstrong: Viewing life through the golden mirror of egotism
Date: 4 Nov 2002 23:50:43 -0800
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Preaching sugar while practicing poison, Controllers are experts at
concealing their true natures. Hiding bad intentions beneath polished
appearances, they have perfected the art of "looking good." Subtle and
devious in the way he conceals his manipulative nature, he may look
like a rose, but ends up feeling like poison ivy.

Every controller-type man like Gerry Armstrong wants power, but he
must feel it to know he has it. Inflicting control, and witnessing
someone being controlled, is how he succeeds at sensing power. Loss of
control equals powerlessness. And powerlessness, to a Controller like
Gerry feels like death.

There are certain general characteristics that define a mentally
healthy individual. A hallmark of mental health is the ability to
tolerate uncertainty, which is demonstrated in our capacity to
carefully weigh choices before deciding a course of action. Because we
can tolerate the tension that occurs while going through the process
of choosing, we can more accurately make a final decision.

Mentally unsound individuals like Gerry Armstrong cannot tolerate much
tension, which is why their actions tend to be irrational and

Mentally healthy people have the capacity to take appropriate
responsibility. Such individuals know how to see the part they may
have played in creating a problem, can admit their part in it, can
take corrective action to solve the problem and have the capacity to
admit they were wrong. They also know how to realistically recognize
when they have not played a part in creating a problem.

Personality-disordered individuals like Gerry Armstrong cannot make
those kinds of discriminations around the issue of responsibility.

They always blame everything that goes wrong in their life on everyone
else, or they do the exact opposite and always blame themselves for
everything that goes wrong. Controllers are blamers-self-abusive
individuals are blame-takers.

Personality-disordered Gerry Armstrong is a incesant blamer; a
controller that psychotherapists have classified as "narcissistic,"
"borderline," "sociopathic" and "sadistic.".




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