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From: ffracs@hotmail.com (Garry)
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Subject: Re: Collecting up Scarff Hate posts re Gerry Armstrong
Date: 30 Oct 2002 11:19:33 -0800
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"Phineas Fogg" <dont@kneejerk.com> wrote in message news:<3dbf7dcb@news2.lightlink.com>..
> > Gerry's own words and actions show he is a hatemonger that gleefully
> > attacks and lies about anyone that doesn't support his own personal
> > agenda, which is partly, why he now lives like a scared rabbit in
> > Germany. Funny how most critics here still live in the comfort of
> > their native countries; only a few who don't have the courage or
> > maturity to take responsibility for their own lives have to flee to
> > other countries.
> The multiheaded hydra of the CoS legal dept has millions to hurl at
> you, litigate and/or railroad you into oblivion, and so, fleeing might
> be the best choice for some who do not have the resources to fight
> Scientology.
> Scientology wasted 121/2 years of Gerry's life, 9 years of my life.

And rather than get on with your life, and move on past your
Scientology past, you want to milk the experience for all it's worth.
Unlike Gerry, most victims of Scientology don't try to milk their
experiences in order to gain fame and fortune. Gerry's role as a
critic was an important one 20 years ago; today, he is just another
loser trying to milk the past for all it's worth... an immature,
irresponsible narcissistic and financial scam artist.
> I don't hate, but if they endured what Gerry endured at the hands of
> the CoS did, I just might cut them a little slack. Your assertions
> are therefore unfounded, and smack of innuendo, ergo, possess the
> trappings "hate", itself.

Right. Which is why only a handful of non-relevent critics agree with




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