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From: ffracs@hotmail.com (Garry)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: Collecting up Scarff Hate posts re Gerry Armstrong
Date: 29 Oct 2002 19:04:48 -0800
Organization: http://groups.google.com/
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Caroline Letkeman <caroline@gerryarmstrong.org> wrote in message news:<vc1tru40nbkce7hf6i6kj7um9uicc5ck5f@4ax.com>...
> >On Tue, 29 Oct 2002 10:38:58 +0100, Caroline Letkeman
> ><caroline@gerryarmstrong.org> wrote:
> >
> >> We're putting up a page which we'll call something like "Garry Scarff
> >> OSA Operative's Hate posts." It will go on the Scientology's
> >> Black Propaganda and Black Ops page here:
> >>
> >> http://www.gerryarmstrong.org/50grand/cult/index.html
> >
> >Caaaaching! US$50,000
> >
> >> As is well known, Scarff standardly cancels his hate posts immediately
> >> after he makes them. We have a number of these insane attacks on
> >> Gerry and his friends, but obviously not all of them. These will make
> >> a great addition to the gerryarmstrong.org site because Scarff
> >> demonstrates so well the visciousness and insanity of the people
> >> Scientology uses to carry out its dirty ops.
> >>
> >> If anyone's a.r.s. archive contains Garry Scarff's hateful attacks,
> >> please let us know.
> >
> >Do you in sooth believe Gary Scarff's motive is "hate?" Or are
> >you using the word politically, like the Scientology mafia does?
> >
> I am not saying that Scarff's motive for his hate posts is really
> hate. It is likely that Scarff's "hatred" is pretended in the same
> way that we see Scientologists' apparent stupidity here on a.r.s. is
> pretended. Whatever Scarff's real motivation is, he is acting as if
> motivated by hate and his product in many of his posts is hate.

Really Caroline, are you posting this lengthy drivel or is your pimp
Gerry Armstrong just using you to post what's on his mind?

Anyone that is determined to create a Garry Scarff Hate Page on the
Internet, acting solely from a longtime personal vendetta of hate and
perpetuation of deliberate lies, that has nothing to do with
Scientology, is his own worst enemy.

Gerry's own words and actions show he is a hatemonger that gleefully
attacks and lies about anyone that doesn't support his own personal
agenda, which is partly, why he now lives like a scared rabbit in
Germany. Funny how most critics here still live in the comfort of
their native countries; only a few who don't have the courage or
maturity to take responsibility for their own lives have to flee to
other countries.




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