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From: Garry <Garry_member@newsguy.com>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: Lisa McPherson/Caroline Letkeman
Date: 9 Apr 2002 23:54:56 -0700
Organization: Newsguy News Service [http://newsguy.com]
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In article <c907buk3elp26ltjpdk9fq2gpvlggin6os@4ax.com>, Gerry says...
>Scientology knows all about this, so there's no sense to withhold the
>fact from our group of friends and supporters.
>I have no idea why this wasn't posted by the people covering the
>I understand that Caroline was named by Ken Dandar in court on March
>28 as a witness in the Lisa McPherson case.
>This is of course very scary to us both, because Caroline is already
>fair game, already a target for her famous essay, for her studied
>website http://www.entheta.ca/caroline/, her well reasoned, well
>researched and gentle essays and comments on a.r.s., her nagging
>demand for a refund of all the money Scientology ripped off, her utter
>defiance of David Miscavige personally in all this fair game, her
>steadfast goal to be reunited with her daughter,

and her unshakeable connection to me.

Oh, there's a thought. "Unshakeable" until such time Caroline exhibits a mind of
her own and doesn't accept all the the Gerrycrap hook, line & sinker. Once Gerry
has had his fill using Caroline, he'll unceremoniously dump her like he's done
with the other women he's wooed and manipulated.

>I hope the Tampa Bay opposition will connect up with her, because she
>really is vulnerable in this part of the world doing what she's doing,
>and because for obvious security reasons I have to be here.

Security reasons..horseshit. You have to be there because you're a loathsome
coward and can't face up to your own responsibilities.
>We thought our friends and supporters would want to know.
>She sure is in my prayers in all this.

Oh, joy. :-(




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