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From: Garry Scarff <garryls@postoffice.pacbell.net>
Subject: Re: German TV-show in RealVideo: http://www.users.wineasy.se/noname/multimed/index.htm#SWR3
Date: 1999/03/10
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Ralph Hilton wrote:

> As many know I am a declared enemy of the CofS.
> However I consider that program a collection of malicious garbage.
> As a consequence I consider the following people totally untrustworthy:
> Jesse Prince
> Gerry Armstrong
> Frank Oliver
> Stacy Brooks (Young)
> I don't consider the CofS at all to be a noble organization but I am not
> willing to lie to attack them.

Finally, some honesty on this newsgroup. I sincerely applaud you Ralph for
having the courage and integrity to speak your mind on this. I never could
understand the idea that it was OK to lie to attack an enemy that lies. This
was something very enrooted in the old CAN ~ that deception and breaking the
law, i.e., involuntary deprogrammings was OK ~ it was a moral choice. As a
result, CAN members were arrested and in the case of Galen Kelly, spent some
time in prison.

The more the reason to encourage reform in the church.






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