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From: publicrelations@scientology.org
Subject: Gerry Armstrong
Date: 2000/02/25
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Since he posts to this newsgroup a lot (especially lately), here are
some facts about Gerry Armstrong you should be aware of:

Armstrong is currently in Canada, having fled the United States because
there is a warrant out for his arrest in California. He was ordered to
pay $650,000 to the Church and was held in contempt for repeatedly
contravening court orders concerning spreading his lies about L. Ron
Hubbard and Scientology to the media. He was convicted of 14 separate
counts of contempt, which means 28 days in jail and a $10,000 bond held
over his head if he returns to California.

During the Gulf War, Armstrong once posted a message on the Internet
concerning a letter he sent to Saddam Hussein during the Gulf War. In
the letter, he offered himself to Hussein as a hostage in the Iraqi
war. "If either side failed to perform any part of the agreement, the
other side could execute me," he concluded. Armstrong makes clear in
his posting that he did not think the letter to Hussein was a joke. He
is deadly serious, and quite proudly republishes it and other similar

To further demonstrate how out of touch he is with reality (or cynical -
- take your pick), Armstrong had himself photographed by a newspaper
naked in a newspaper while holding a globe to promote his theories of
destroying all money. This was when he was trying to get out from
under a suit for having fraudulently conveyed his assets. He had to
make it look like more than a common scam.

Yes, there is no doubt that Armstrong can be calculating and
conniving. In former days, he hatched a plot to seize the Church's
assets in collaboration with LA CID agents. When the Church found out
about this, its attorneys obtained permission from a Los Angeles police
officer to conduct an investigation into Armstrong's plans. The
investigation caught Armstrong on videotape stating that he intended to
forge and then plant incriminating documents on Church premises, to be
discovered in a subsequent raid. When challenged on how he would
obtain proof of the allegations he intended to make, he responded, "We
don't have to prove a Goddamned
thing. We don't have to prove s__t. We just have to allege it."

So now he sits in Canada. His entire contribution to the world
apparently is to continue to "allege it."


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