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From: publicrelations@scientology.org (Public Relations)
Subject: ARMSTRONG - Faulty Researcher
Date: 1998/09/08
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RE: ARMSTRONG - Faulty Researcher

There have been several briefings from Gerry Armstrong
about the life of L. Ron Hubbard which have been faulty and
show irresponsible research:

Testimony and evidence shows that while Gerald
Armstrong claimed to have been able to document nearly every
day of L. Ron Hubbard's life, he had in fact made very poor
attempts at research, which had resulted in badly distorted

When asked in court "Did you obtain documents from any
official agency of the United States to document day by day
where Mr. Hubbard was during Mr. Hubbard was during the
Second World War?" His answer was "no..."

Armstrong also claimed that Mr. Hubbard had never seen
combat during World War II. The evidence again contradicts
Armstrong's assertions. While commanding PC 815, Mr.
Hubbard and his crew sank one Japanese submarine and
disabled another in an encounter which lasted three days.

When questioned on this evidence in court, Armstrong
admitted that he merely "went through some books on the
subject. But that was it. I never went to D.C. And I
obviously never checked the sources that whoever did this
research was able to check. So I stand corrected."

(Transcripts of May 21, 1984 - Superior Court of the
State of California for the County of Los Angeles).

Public Relations
Church of Scientology International





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