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From: henri <henri@nowhere.com>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology,de.soc.weltanschauung.scientology
Subject: Re: Scientology's little elves at work
Date: Thu, 02 Dec 2004 02:40:15 -0500
Organization: The Reality-Based Community
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On Thu, 02 Dec 2004 06:32:07 GMT, Gerry Armstrong <gerry@gerryarmstrong.org>

>How's that IRC Op working out for the Scientology cult anyhow?

>Well take a look. It's what your fees buy.


These quotes are wildly altered and out of context. If you believe they
were said in this fashion, you're an even bigger idiot than I previously
thought you were.

>The following is what Gerry Armstrong’s "friends" think of him:

I would never claim to be your "friend" in or out of quotes.

>Rob Clark: "Gerry Armstrong flat-out walked off [the Church of
>Scientology] with a bunch of stuff when he left. ... what Armstrong
>did would otherwise have been theft. ... I’m disgusted with warrior
>[Mark Plummer]. I was not particularly pleased when he signed off on
>that c---sucker Armstrong smearing me with his dumbass ...page. ...
>Armstrong is totally kooking out"

The first part of this is a wildly distorted version of explaining to someone
why taking the materials you did when you left Scientology was NOT theft
or conversion, despite otherwise matching the description of such acts,
because of successful affirmative defenses.

This is completely cut up and mixed with stuff weeks and months apart.

While I might have said some of this stuff at some point or another, I
never said it in the form it appears on this page. It's a cutup William
S. Burroughs would have thrown out as a dog's breakfast.

However, none of what I said in its unaltered form is anything I feel any
obligation to explain or apologize about.

You're a nutcase, a jerk, and a liar, and I've said so right here on this
newsgroup as well as elsewhere, and I'm sure I'll have the opportunity
to say it again in the future. It's pathetic that you have to resort to
the delusional belief that anyone who dislikes you somehow belongs
to Scientology, but it reveals your sad mental decline quite well.






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