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From: ptsc <ptsc@nowhere.com>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: Kady O'Malley and her "style"
Organization: The Buttersquash Conspiracy
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Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2003 10:36:36 GMT
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On 21 Oct 2003 02:39:48 -0700, Warrior <warrior@xenu.ca> wrote:

>In article <5aq9pvgju9ntne6j53i8nfpeknddj37uvr@4ax.com>, ptsc says...

><snip hate-filled rant>

>>Now rant insanely about how I'm insane, and gibber idiotically about how I'm an

>I'll leave that to you. You're one of the best insanely ranting idiots around.
>And these are largely _your_ own words quoted below. There's _plenty_ of

That's true. It is LARGELY my own words, that is, except for the ones that were
grossly quoted out of context, in some cases to mean the exact opposite of what
they meant in the original posts. You could have checked the accuracy of these
yourself, that is, if you cared in the least for truth or your own integrity.
Some are entirely accurate. Some are not. You don't care which are true and
which lies because truth is something you simply don't care about.

You will use truth and lies mixed together without compuncation, because you
have no honor.

>hate and insanity there. You can scream OSA-SchmOSA all you like, but the
>one think you can't (honestly) do is deny your own hate-filled words.

I am not denying my words, nor am I screaming OSA.

I do note, however, for the record, that while defending Gerry's page accusing
me of being OSA, you are so bereft of any response to my arguments that you are
reduced to robotically cutting and pasting from material directly authored by
OSA, like any other cult shill.

While others may be disappointed by such conduct, I fully expect such behavior
out of you when your Prophet Gerry Armstrong is criticized, since it reduces you
to a state wherein you are incapable of even coming up with your own Dead Agent

What is more, the post you quote, which includes numerous falsehoods, by the
way, not to mention material grossly taken out of context, on other newsgroups
unrelated to Scientology, and which you believe somehow renders me a Dead Agent,
was originally posted by agents of Scientology. I note for the record your
complete moral degeneracy. I also do not believe that you have personally
verified each quote in that, nor that you even believe them all to be accurate.
In fact, from the source, which you know to be liars, you have no good faith
belief that this material is entirely true. You have not verified the
authenticity of this material, and you post it recklessly and with actual
malice, since you don't care whether it's entirely true as long as you can
attack a critic of your Prophet Gerry Armstrong.

You actually have the gall to defend putting me on a page with "OSA" flashing on
it, to defend the Prophet Gerry Armstrong, and to do so by DIRECTLY cutting and
pasting material you admit is from OSA, whom you know to be liars, without even
the most minimal attempt at verification.

What makes you think this low, despicable and cowardly strategy is actually
effective is beyond me. It shows you as incapable of coming up with your own
thoughts. When you are thoroughly routed, unable to respond in any coherent
fashion, you resort straight for the old OSA Dead Agent pack, straight from the
cult you claim to be a critic of. You are like a dog returning to its vomit.

And you have the gall to attack Cerridwen and claim that it is she who has not
shaken Scientology? That's a laugh! Unlike you, she does not directly quote
OSA materials as if they were gospel, in order to defend a scurrilous lie from
Gerry Armstrong.

Take the plank out of your own eye.

Further, even if every word in that Dead Agent pack were entirely true, and not
material which is, in many occasions, maliciously taken out of context by people
you know for a fact to be liars, you still, if you were a real man, would have
been able to state it in your own words, instead of the words of the cult the
precepts of which you are, to this day, slavishly following.

I do not retract or deny any posting from which those words have been taken,
except those which I have specifically retracted upon realizing they were wrong,
something which I am capable of doing, and something of which your Prophet,
Gerry Armstrong, is completely incapable.

Here is the original OSA post from which you quote, which was posted on the same
day by Garry Scarff and "Anonymous."

It has been reposted, invariably by cowards who by so doing admit they are
completely incapable of any sane response. Even if I were every bit the
deranged madman that Dead Agent pack you posted states I am, your failure to
answer my arguments shows that you are defeated, utterly, by someone who you
describe as a deranged madman. What, precisely, does that make you?

I would say it makes you a true failure as a human being. You can't even state
your inchoate, white-hot loathing in your own words. You have to reach and pull
yourself UPWARD to reach the level of OSA.

I hope you are proud of yourself. Your defense and the tactics you use to
defend Gerry Armstrong show what Gerry himself is worth, and the only tactics
that can be used to defend someone such as Gerry. If you had any sane defense
of Gerry, you would present it, but only by going into the sewer and dredging
the lowest slime you can find can you defend his actions, because they are,
indeed, indefensible by logic or reason.

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