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From: ptsc <ptsc@nowhere.com>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Obsessive Armstrong lets Warrior do his fighting for him while he hides
Organization: Busts Your Rips!
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However, he continues to update his kooky hate page, showing
that while he is a pathetic obsessive, archiving every word of criticism
of himself that appears on ars as if it is an OSA attack, although most
of it is caused by the very kooky hate page on which he archives the
posts criticizing himself and his nutty, wacky hate page.

Somehow, he picks this retraction of a bogus OSA allegation as
a "goOnSquAd folly," and archives it here

While I can see that a post retracting a bogus OSA allegation would sting
a person too hypocritical ever to relent from a foolish course of action
himself, it's interesting he would pick such a retraction as something
befitting a page which supposedly document OSA's actions against
him on the net.

One thing that shows good taste on his part, though, is that he has
webbed my beautiful parody of him:

He whines that Scientology also once noted his vague resemblance to
Charles Manson, but hey, look at the picture, tell me it isn't apropos.

He also archived another parody that isn't mine, but which I posted:

Since he has shown that he loves these visual parodies of himself so much,
so much that he is willing to infringe copyrights and steal them, I will create
more. After all, with $500 to $100,000 as a statutory penalty for infringement,
I could be sitting on top of a lucrative cause of action.

(For Gerrior, no, I'm not going to sue that luzer. The previous is an example
of a JOKE, something which you should study, because you are becoming
one. You can, however, feel free to follow up to this post with 500 lines of
ant-fucking which I will ignore. Gerry's kooky hate page is still a kooky hate
page and subjects him to ridicule.)




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