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From: ptsc <ptsc@nowhere.com>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: Calling Gerry Armstrong
Organization: Busts Your Rips!
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On 20 Feb 2003 11:27:31 -0800, Warrior <warrior@xenu.ca> wrote:

Re Bev's post at http://tinyurl.com/6592 taking Gerry Armstrong to
task for a number of things.

>>'nuff said on that. It was pathetic and despicable. Your support of it,
>>however, is merely pathetic and stupid.

>I often stand up for the truth as I see it. The fact that you think I am
>"pathetic and stupid" shows that you are an emotional person who will post
>your uninformed opinion along with an ad hominem.

The fact is, I didn't say you were pathetic and stupid. If I had wanted to
say you were pathetic and stupid, I would have said it. I did, however, not
say it. I said your support of Gerry Armstrong's imbecilic, pathetic, kooky,
fucked-up hate page on his critics was pathetic and stupid. Not you

The rest of your post merely demonstrated your mindless knee-jerk support
of all things Gerry, including his despicable treatment of Bev and his
OSA-style hate page on his critics in which he has the flashing letters
"OSA" which we are supposed to believe are totally meaningless and
not really what they appear to be, which is a flagrant lie that the people on
the page are OSA.

As such, there's really not much point talking about it, any more than
there would be point discussing with a dead frog's leg hooked to a battery
whether or not it was a good idea to jerk when electricity is applied.
Gerry gets criticized, you bounce up to defend it, no matter how insanely
idiotic the action in question is.




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