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From: ptsc <ptsc@nowhere.com>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: Calling Gerry Armstrong
Organization: Busts Your Rips!
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On Thu, 20 Feb 2003 17:52:09 +0100, "roger gonnet" <gonnet@antisectes.net>

>Well, I know that many US people hate me because I'm criticizing your
>president and some ways of life, but listen, PTSC: you're hatable
>regarding what you say about Gerry.

Fuck you. Put up a hate page on me, as Gerry has done, and you'll
hear of it too. I don't hear you complaining about Gerry's kooky nutty
page lying about people being OSA, either.

>He's been much more efficient against the crime cult than you'll ever
>be. You don't have the charism, and you don't say the truth.

Gerry lies outright when he puts me on a page with a flashing "OSA"
on it, accusing me of being OSA, but not even having the minimal balls
necessary to admit that's what he is doing. Instead he pretends that
having a flashing "OSA" on his hate page is somehow entirely meaningless,
something I don't find very believable. In fact, he's a fucking liar.
Until you have something to say about Gerry's brazen lies about
me, I do not give a flying fuck what you think, you ass-kissing Frog
fuckhead. If you want to say anything I've said about that two-faced
slimy little weasel is untrue, pick it out and argue it.

I also don't dump women and then mock them over the
suicide of their husband, as that dirty fucker Gerry Armstrong has done.
No decent person would treat Bev as Gerry treated her. That was
some genuinely low-class shitty behavior, the behavior of a scoundrel
and a coward. No man with any self-respect would trick a lover into
destroying his email to her, meanwhile keeping her own email to him
and using it as a blackmail threat against her. That's truly dickless.
I suppose that kind of behavior is considered okay in France, but here
it is not popular.

Gerry is, to repeat, a cad and a bounder who can not be relied on for
anything worthy of a man. I bet his former "helpmeet" Lorien Phippeny has some
stories to tell, too, should it ever come to that.

Shall we talk some more about Mr. Armstrong, then and his various
attributes, or leave it at that?




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