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From: ptsc <ptsc <at> nym <dot> alias <dot> net>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: The Current State of ARS.
Date: Sun, 08 Dec 2002 01:13:57 -0500
Organization: Busts Your Rips!
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On Sun, 08 Dec 2002 06:03:04 GMT, alerma@nospam.bellatlantic.net (arnie lerma -
www.lermanet.com) wrote:

> I understand that, when couched that way
> but what I see is an attempt to justify a hateful pattern of behavior
>- by the involvement of "ex-members "
>with folks that have no compassion, and nothing but hate for those who
>disagree, which is infectious and begins to feed upon itself, in
>feedback fashion, as if in purposful fullfillment of the "hate group"
>label sought so eagerly by scientology's theatrical directors.

There is no compassion and no empathy in your despicable attacks
on Cerridwen or your libelous bullshit "OSA page" with Claire on it.

It's hateful and despicable, and unfortunately, entirely in character
for you.

You've shown yourself to be nothing but a nasty, small-minded little
bigoted tyrant, along with Gerry. Whine all you like, but it's not me
with the bullshit hate pages on critics and ex-members libeling
and defaming them just for disagreeing with me.

That's you and Gerry Jihad.

>It just seems like it's part of the show.





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