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From: ptsc <ptsc <at> nym <dot> alias <dot> net>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: Goon Squad Trouper Tries New Song and Dance (was Re: CLairification
Date: Thu, 05 Dec 2002 14:07:31 -0800
Organization: Busts Your Rips!
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On 5 Dec 2002 03:34:59 -0800, Warrior <warrior@xenu.ca> wrote:

>I now ask that Diane name any single person who is currently, and has been
>for over 21 years, a bigger victim of Scientology's fair game actions than
>Gerry. Certainly others have been targets, but I'm asking for the name of
>a single person who have been a target for a longer period of time and who
>is still currently a target.

Ida Camburn.

Anyway, this isn't some kind of dicksizing contest where the
person with the most harassment gets to be an Infallible Profit of Gawd who
can't be questioned or criticized about anything. He could have been
harassed for 100 years. His kooky hate page would still be a kooky hate
page and the bald-faced lie that the people whose posts are archived on
it are "Scientology's Usenet Black PR and Ops" would still be a bald-faced
lie. It would not incrementally become less of a lie for each act of harassment
Scientology had committed over the years. It would still remain a misleading,
deceptive statement with no basis in reality, that is to say, a lie.

These people simply are not "Scientology's Usenet Black PR and Ops."
That's just false. It's not true. There's no basis in fact for it. It is, in
a word, bullshit. In another word, a lie. In two words, a bullshit lie.

>Actual OSA goons are welcome to answer too. In fact, anyone is welcome
>to answer.

Margaret Singer, too.





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