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Subject: Re: Gerry Amstrong revises history! (0/1)
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2002 20:38:07 -0800
Organization: Lot 49
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In article <sagotuggu2pd708tvrm341rh0lkcddlaef@4ax.com>, ptsc <ptsc AT
nym DOT cryptofortress DOT com> says...


> He didn't. I meant to say in this case that he didn't mean anything
> significant by so doing. I misspoke there, but I don't care about it any more
> or anything to do with Gerry Armstrong. I consider any communication I could
> ever have with him to be finished and have no interest in repeating the thread
> that is already available on Google.
> The only thing I have to say about Gerry Armstrong at this point is I completely
> dissociate myself from him and anything to do with him. Not that he or anyone
> else really gives a flying fuck.
> ptsc

So... you've crossed Gerry off your 'agenda'. Does this retreat with
faint apology mean you have noone else on your plate?

As you can imagine, we might want to ask you questions about this very
sudden flip-flop.

Will failure to reply indicate guilt?

Come On Petey.
Spill the beans.
What are you hiding.
Why suddenly 'let up' on attacking Gerry?


This is your forum. If you can't answer questions, we have it on *your*
theory that we may assume the worst.


Come on Petey. Where *did* you leave your honesty?



Thread not found on Google


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