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From: ptsc <ptsc AT nym DOT cryptofortress DOT com>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: Gerry Armstrong and OSA: Separated at Birth??
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2002 15:05:02 -0500
Organization: Busts Your Rips!
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On Mon, 18 Nov 2002 20:26:56 +0100, Tilman Hausherr <tilman@berlin.snafu.de>

>>If capitalizing the letters "OSA" in "goOnSquAd follies" is not supposed to
>>imply some connection to OSA by the people on the page, then exactly
>>what is it supposed to imply?

>I'd say it implies a similarity, a parallel to OSA methods. This applies
>to you pretty well, considering your Gandow security check attempt.
>Compare your questions to OSA's questions (webbed on GA's page).

Considering that the people have basically disagreed with him, I see
the parallel to OSA is in his own conduct. As for it somehow being
OSA-like to ask questions, well, Tilman, that is about the fucking dumbest
thing I ever heard. In the real world we call what I have done "asking
questions," not a sec check and we call what Pastor Gandow has done
"evasion." If he didn't want to answer the questions, he could at any
time have stated he had no intent to answer them, that they were none
of my business, whatever. He's done nothing of the sort. He's done
everything imaginable to avoid a flat answer or refusal to answer. I
don't know why he seems to think that this stupidity passes muster
when sane people are about, but it doesn't.

This isn't a sec check, it's pathetic evasion and "defending by attacking."

Perhaps the Scientology has soaked into your brain so far that you
can't do anything but spout Hubbardspew when challenged on your
harebrained assertions. This is a problem you, Gerry and Gandow
all seem to share.

Keep dancing, though, you're not making Gandow or yourself
look any better by doing it, though. It's you guys who should be cut
and pasted onto photos of dancing girls.





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