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Subject: Gerry Armstrong - Opportunistic Kook
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A synopsis for the uninformed or misinformed..

Gerry was probably born a kook but if not, he was almost certainly
predisposed to becoming one, and his time in the CoS just reinforced
this. So he made his way into one of the inner circles of the CoS,
close to LRH.

Here he was fortunate enough to find some good 'dirt' on LRH in the
form of documents exposing the old fraud's history, which he was smart
enough to realise could be traded for a tidy sum.

He did this for some $800,000 (and good upon him) in return for an
agreement to shut up about it, which he was quite happy to do until he
realised that there was an 'adoring public' who saw him as some sort
of hero rather than just the opportunistic thief that he was.

So he moved himself up a cog in kook-dom, declared himself a
born-again and a prophet to boot, with all the long winded overblown
rhetoric that he thought appropriate to his new position.

Because the CoS was understandably annoyed at his breach of a legal
agreement, they have taken steps against him. This suits Gerry since
he can play the 'fair game' card, again and again and again in the
hope that it will re-inforce his status as heroic victim.

But long term observers, who may have once admired him, increasingly
saw him as far from heroic and more of an embarassment to current
efforts to expose the fraudulent nature of the CoS, and so started to
question him and his vanity.

So he, like too many other Ex Scns seem to do, reverted to Hubbardian
tactics to discredit and demean those who dare to question him, and
demonstrated the extent of this self obsession with his ludicrous
'OSA' Goon Squad Follies web page.

Those who choose to still champion him should reflect on just what it
is that he has done - he stole, he sold his silence on the matter for
a large amount and then broke his word and a legal agreement on that,
for no purpose other than his self promotion.

He's history. Now he's nothing more than an irrelevant nutter
desperately trying to stay in the limelight he once had, but never
deserved in the first place.





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