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Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: Scientist David Touretzky, RaiseTheFist.COM, Free Speech, and fascism
References: <vghqkpstj8mo52@corp.supernews.com>
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Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2003 23:48:48 +0200 (CEST)
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>Scientist David Touretzky, RaiseTheFist.COM, Free Speech, and fascism

> Forward by Fredric L. Rice:

> You might know who David Touretzky is if you're among the elite in
> contemporary computer sciences, or if you've been observing or
> involved in opposing the assaults against freedom of speech on the
> Internet over the past nine years.


the war against iraq traumatized you in a big way because you have become a permanently insane pain in the ass.

you should be elected kook of the month. unfortunately you are not a kook for just a month because your brain is incurably damaged. you are pathologically incapable of retracting any idiocy spewed with your keyboard and anyone reading your postings will turn to the cult rather than running away from it.

if you had bothered to do your homework, which you seem incapable of doing, you would have noticed that a reporter went after raisethefist.com, dave and cmu - www.wpxi.com/target11/2176679/detail.html. are you so retarded to believe the cult did that? don’t you think there might be enough morons out there getting pissed off at the shit they read on the net? or do you think you are the only goddamn american citizen in this nation? you and your twin brother are an embarrassment to this country with the anti-american propaganda both of you regurgitate on usenet. if you don’t like it here get your filthy ass to iraq and take gerry with you. don’t forget to drag that clinically pronounced imbecile roger who hates america just as much as you and your brother do along with you.

your incomprehensive letter to cmu provided no supporting evidence, not an ounce of it, making dave look like a complete dildo. you are no activist, you are a complete boob who can’t even write intelligible english. your demented writings discredit the good work real critics have done over the years. if you want to fuck the cult over present your evidence otherwise shut the fuck up and go away. now that i have provided you with the “evidence” send it to cmu and let them know this response was written by the cult and request the intervention of the cmu emergency response team to track me down - they know how to do it they have done it once.

you are proof that there is no god otherwise he would have dropped an anvil on your head because you are too stupid to exist. maybe some day you’ll come to the realization what a fucking phony you are, and the incredible shitheel things you did.

if it makes you feel better you are not the only bonehead that hangs out on usenet. tom padgett proved to be a criminal and his ass will soon land right back in the slammer. tom is the dumbest individual that ever walked on us soil, he is hopelessly retarded. phil scott is beyond insanity but he remains the top notch cia conspiracy theorist. phil won’t discontinue his harassment of the irc elves with his slatkinfraud.com nonsensical conspiracy theory. gerry turns what should be simple responses into gargantuan non sequitur monstrosities and if you piss him off you're “goon squad follies black listed”. both gerry and caroline should be put on the white house kooks’ list. arnie is writing two books respectively titled “the little irc dictator” and “how to exploit women”. zinjifar can fuck a cultist, pretend to be a critic and whine when he gets a boot in between his cheeks from channel ops. he should co-author the second book with arnie. toomajan and your bro are equa
lly wrong-headed and dumb.

i have seen enough of your pedantic, insignificant off topic raves, take a hike, or sabbatical if you will, leave us alone and don’t come back here. start alt.fan.ricebros.net-kooks and post your insane rants and the responses to your own postings in that newsgroup - alt originally stood for anarchists lunatics and terrorists and you fit them all. you don’t need arnie teaching you how to answer your own messages using other ids because you and david are the ultimate trolls.

let me put it in simpler words for you since you are too stupid to accept any advice, if you want to estrange people with your dementia go fuck yourself somewhere else. too many people are fed up with your bullshit.

h 2003





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