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Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: Tom Padgett revisited
From: "kady@wwwaif.net" <kady@wwwaif.net>
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Jess Lurking <pass@that.thanks> wrote in news:Xns9428A6A2EE931notemailthnx@

> frice@skeptictank.org (Fredric L. Rice) wrote in
> news:vqbjvso6v7ecca@corp.supernews.com:
>> In what way has he attempted to solicit funds in a
>> fraudulent way? He is undeniably a victim of Scientology's
>> Fair Game policy -- to the point that the crime syndicate
>> attacked his TaxExemptChildAbuse web site in court, no
>> less.
> Is this true ? I haven't seen any mention of that anywhere ?

It's true if by "crime syndicate", Fred means "his ex-wife", and if by "Tax
Exempt Child Abuse web site", Fred means "the scurrilously disingenuous,
arguably libellous webpages that Mike Gomez hosted on *his* website
dedicated to CoS abuse, until he realized that Padgett was a fraud."

>> So instead of backing up your claim that he committed
>> fraud, you're going to instead ignore the video evidence of
>> Scientology's efforts in his divorce proceedings. How can
>> you explain the fact that the wife's lawyers were known
>> Scientology goons?
> Really ? I thought they were just local attorneys. When did the
> CoS recruit them ?

A fascinating question, indeed. Don't hold your breath waiting for a reply
from Fred, though. BTW, a Fun Fact<tm> about Padgett's legal strategy: like
OSA legal beagles, he apparently enjoyed making frivolous bar complaints
against anyone foolhardy enough to work for his ex-wife. According to one
of the depositions, he accused one of them of being an alcoholic. Nice!

>> A hate web site created by an anonymous coward?
> I thought Diane had already claimed authorship of that ?

It is, as I understand it, a joint project of Diane and Keith, and neither
has made any secret of that.

>> On the other hand we have demonstrable evidence that
>> Scientology's crime bosses have targeted Mr. Padgett and
>> heavily influenced not only his divorce,
> How come I've missed this evidence. Is it posted/webbed
> somewhere ? This is important stuff and would turn the whole
> debate on its head surely !

Alas, it exists only in the mind of Fred Rice.

BTW, did you know that you have been added to the Gerry Armstrong Paranoia
Exhibit as an OSA poster?
Check it out:

I'm fairly sure this means you outrank me in the pantheon of imaginary
enemies that his website documents, but I hope you'll not be offended that
I don't address you as "Sir".









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