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Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: Sayonawa for now
From: "kady@wwwaif.net" <kady@wwwaif.net>
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"Magoo" <Magoo44@worldnet.att.net> wrote in

> "ptsc" <ptsc@nowhere.com> wrote in message
> news:kkvepv4at5ukj5qd9lpudg5nt5ts4hg9er@4ax.com...
>> Additionally, and another reason it is just as well to blow off this
>> sick, diseased scene has arisen.
> ahhhh....a poor excuse to leave. OSA has been working on you and others
> since ARS began. Each one who leaves is a huge "Win" for them. You can
> say you don't care.
> I do. Why? Because it IS a win, because and only because you are
> effective.

If you cared about why ptsc has left the building, as it were, perhaps you
should look beyond your own preconceived assumption that anyone who does so
is acting solely because "OSA has been working on [them]", and take a good
look at what ptsc himself has been very clear is the *real* reason why he
is disgusted with what a.r.s has come. It's really frustrating to see
people like you, and Kim, act as though somehow, it's unthinkable that the
guy might just have gotten tired of, say, Warrior reposting OSA DA material
under insulting subject lines, or Gerry collecting every post that
disagrees with him in even the most minute fashion, and posting it on a
page of "goOn squAd follieS". That's "OSA", if you didn't notice the giant
blinking letters on the page.

Do you think OSA is working through Gerry and Warrior, and has convinced
them to launch these attacks? If so, why don't you suggest to Warrior and
Gerry, specifically and explicitly, that they knock it off, so that people
like ptsc don't get the impression that for most a.r.s. critics, it's
totally appropriate to behave like an OSA thug if your name happens to be
"Gerry Armstrong"?

> Sure you have your disagreements, and things that piss people off.
> However, if you take the ptsc posts.....the majority are kick ass,
> information filled, excellent posts.
> These are things that help people wake up, as well as others who are
> looking into joining see the full,
> 3-D picture.

I don't think ptsc is under any delusion that his posts aren't kick-ass,
excellent and filled with information. I'm fairly sure he knows that. What
you seem to be missing is that he is tired of being expected to play
punching bag to people like Warrior, including having bullshit
religiousfreedomwatch.org material posted to a.r.s. *by* Warrior, while
people like you say NOT ONE WORD to object to such behaviour. I feel pretty
much the same way. It's not that I don't think my contributions here are
worthless; it is that I don't think a dwindling cadre of slavishly devoted
sycophants, not one of whom will dare speak up against Fearless Leader
Gerry or his loyal minion Warrior, to use the most recent example, is worth
the bother of posting the aforementioned material. I'm sorry if that sounds
harsh, but honestly, you really seem to be missing the point to a
spectacular degree.

>> At a previous date, I would have more details on the final,
>> precipitating
> cause
>> for leaving.
> Ya...please fill us in.
> While my disgust for the despicable tactics of "critics" who
>> slavishly imitate the cult they pretend to hate is the major reason,
> Ahhh once again, set up by OSA, and one more "win" for them:
> Their target: "Turn the critics against each other, make them hate each
> other". Guess you bought that crap, didn't you? I don't give a rats ass
> what real critics do. If they're exposing the cult, even if they're
> using some old tactics, why not help them (or us) wake up more? You're
> tired of it? Who said you can get tired? (Joke)

Again, if you believe that Warrior and Gerry have been unwittingly "turned
against" other critics, perhaps you should *mention* that to them, instead
of just simpering about how everyone should be nice to everyone else. Right
now, Warrior is doing something that is not nice. Gerry has been engaged in
not nice behaviour for months, with the loving maintenance of his OSA Goon
Squad page, and his paranoid accusations against anyone who disagrees with
him publicly. You could direct your advice to the person who just yesterday
reposted OSA DA packs on ptsc, intead of blaming him for getting fed up and
pissed off when not one person raises a word of objection.

> if "critics" weren't lazy as fuck,
> Again, sounds like an OSA line, ptsc. Make sure some of your
> on-line 'Friends" haven't been pumping this *crap* into you.
> I know, I know...YOU thought it all up yourself. And you call other
> critics lazy? I've told you this is EXACTLY their goal....since I
> arrived on ARS. Now you follow it?

For crissakes, Magoo, he's not some wide-eyed newbie. He's been dealing
with OSA since before you ever heard of the Internet, and I really don't
think you need to remind everyone, every day, what it is that you believe
to be the goal of Scientology on a.r.s. We've heard it. I've heard it. ptsc
has definitely heard it. It's safe to assume that his decision to take a
breather from a.r.s. was made with that in mind, and despite your constant
repetition of your claims.

Maybe he believes that critics ARE "lazy as fuck". It would be possible to
believe this without being somehow directed by OSA.

> I would in previous
>> times have gone into more detail immediately, but that was before now,
> when it's
>> pretty obvious that if some "critics" knew what OSA was doing, they'd
> eagerly
>> help them.
> And this is news? I take this to mean you are saying some "Critics" are
> really OSA? So what's the big deal there? Don't tell me for a second
> you've begun believing Toothsucker? Please tell me you mean something
> else, ptsc.

No, I believe that his use of the quotation marks indicates that he doesn't
think some "critics" are worthy of the name, since they appear to be about
as inept as Scientologists at thinking critically.

If there is one thing that I hope you get from this exchange, it's the
realization that it is possible to disagree - sometimes strongly - with
other critics on a.r.s. without a sinister OSA plan leading to that
disagreement. Remember what Hubbard said about the third party law? It was
bullshit. Two parties can very much disagree without a third party acting
behind the scenes. In this case, ptsc disagrees very strongly with
Warrior's recent actions and tactics, and is disgusted by the lack of
condemnation of these actions and tactics, when "critics" are only too
quick to wail with outrage when the identical actions and tactics are
employed by OSA. That is what is known as "hypocrisy", and I can't say I
blame him for his conclusion that at the moment, a.r.s. and its denizen are
not worthy of his time or attention.






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