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Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: kids
From: "kady@wwwaif.net" <kady@wwwaif.net>
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Warrior <warrior@xenu.ca> wrote in news:bn27h302hqk@drn.newsguy.com:
<snip gerrior>

>>I don't think that it's at all sane to then whine and cry about being a
> Easy for you to say in the safety of your anonymity. _You_ are already
> a victim of the fear Scientology is able to instill people. And you know
> it.

How, exactly, is she a 'victim of the fear Scientology is able to instill'?
Cerridwen posts more hard data and spot on analysis than any number of
critics who post fatuous self-absorbed dribble under their own names,
sometimes even with a droll little (c) copyright notation at the end. She
isn't afraid to share her experiences, past and present. If she wants to
avoid harassment, that's her choice, and from what I can see, it's not an
unwise one. She exposes Scientology; she's not here as part of some complex
ego trip, and she doesn't gratuitously poke Scientology with a sharp stick,
then whine and cry when Scientology pokes back, unlike some other critics.

More Cerridwens, fewer self-styled prophets, please.

>> You know what a viscious, vindictive, rotten stinking piece of shit this
>>Church really is.
> <snips>
>>>I have no idea what makes you think that you are above criticism.
> Strawman argument. This is a sign of your weak position.

Bullshit squared. Have you looked at some of the posts on Gerry's
megalomaniac hate page? Anyone who raises any criticism of The Gerry, no
matter how mild in phrasing, eventually makes it on the list. And in a
depressingly high number of such incidents, you traipse into the thread
after Gerry has thoroughly entangled whatever point he was trying to make
with his tortured philosophizing, and attempt to rationalize the irrational
and defend the indefensible. If you can't see that, nothing that anyone,
Cerridwen included, can say will remove the Gerry-shaped blind from your

>>>But let me assure you, you are not. NO ONE is.
> It's pathetic that you even feel the need to say this.

What is pathetic is that she *needs* to say it, to Gerry and, by inference,
to you, but what's even more pathetic is that apparently, she needs to say
it again, since you're pathologically incapable of recognizing that Gerry
is a thin-skinned paranoid egomaniac with zero sense of humour or ability
to see himself as the shaggy incoherent wanna-be guru that he so clearly

> How's it going with shedding the Scieno indoc, Cerri? Is there a date
> when you predict you'll be able to break free from their control over
> you?

It's nice to see that when you run out of actual arguments when once again
coming to the rescue of The Gerry, you resort to passive aggressive cheap
shots and offensive innuendo. From what I can see, Cerridwen is several
light years ahead of you, Warrior, in breaking free from the simplistic
mindset that puts any individual on a pedestal above all sanctioned
criticism. You should be so lucky as to progress as far towards "recovery"
as she, and if you have any ambitions of doing so, you really need to take
a closer look at the behaviour you are currently engaged in defending.






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