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Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: Sayonawa for now
From: Jess Lurking <pass@that.thanks>
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Date: 28 Oct 2003 11:22:56 GMT
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ladayla <ladayla_member@newsguy.com> wrote in

> In article <bni68b028ui@drn.newsguy.com>, Warrior says...

>>Thanks, Peach. It certainly makes for lots of discussion.

Yes it does, and the consensus of that discussion seems to be
that it is a really dumb idea :)

> It seems to me that this all started with a post that I
> made wherein I stated that a person did not have to be OSA
> to do OSA's work. Then, I think it was Arnie who came in
> and agreed with my message, and said that he would post it
> on his site.

Ah ha ! So *you're* the one responsible for this clever
little change in tack - 'Okay, so maybe you're not OSA but
you're doing their work !' :)

> This had all started with Gerry's
> re-posting of the Affirmations ( or Admissions). Gerry was
> brutally attacked.

Brutally attacked ? By words on usenet ? Even Warrior
wouldn't buy that surely ..

Message-ID: <bnieh003k4@drn.newsguy.com>

"I promise not to attack anyone. But hey, do keep holding on
to your delusions, Cerridwen. Are you now seeing words as
if they are bullets? Remember, I only post words, Cerridwen.
Words. You can deal with words on a computer screen."

>That is when he put up his page. Is this time-line correct?

I don't think so actually. I was curious enough about this to
spend a bit of time a-googling and while Gerry often referred
to OSA Goon Squads before he created the pages of that name,
it seemed to be triggered by Tigger (in an Affirmations
thread) questioning him about his connections to Minton and
the monies involved there.

-- start quote --

Message-ID: <p1dvrukc7gkun3d7f9dcdsfpf3pc12j6b2@4ax.com>

Buggernaut Eval

OT O Send in the goon squad. Done. 29/10/02.

OT 1 Keeping sending in the goons. Done. 30/10/02

OT 2 Make it all about Bob. I/P 30/10/02

OT 3 Keep making it all about Bob.

CT If you can't make it all about Bob send in more goons.

OT 4 Make other people make it all about Bob.

CT If you can't make other people make it all about Bob, make
other people send in more goons.

-- end quote --

I didn't see much 'attacking' of Gerry in the matter of The
Affirmations, just questioning of their value since there was
no documentation to validate them. Actually, there seemed to
be more 'attacking' of Fluffy in those threads than any
directed toward Gerry.

So, I concluded, and I'm quite happy to be corrected, that
the OSA Goon Squad Follies page came into being because of
Gerry's connection to Minton rather than anything else.

For what it's worth I think Gerry has been invaluable in the
past in terms of exposing the true character of LRH and his
history but more recently I'm quite saddened by the direction
he's taking and how much he's being influemced by those who
claim to be his friends.

And for possibly the first time ever, I agree with Zinj who
said, in his uniquely tortuous style so it may have been
missed by most:

"It's not 'compassion' to fail to criticize even someone you
admire and respect when they are wrong. And understanding
isn't the problem with Gerry in this particular instance.
When a friend begins exhibiting signs of megalomania and
paranoia, it's *friends* who should be doing the criticism,
and as compassionately as it's done, that includes accepting
the possible, or even probable retaliation.

There's something very 'Scientological' in the idea that
'compassion' and 'support' must be monolithic, or that to
criticize one aspect of a person, or elements of what they do
or say is to 'attack' them in general."

--End quote --

This is what concerns me most about the whole Gerry thing at
present; those who claim to be his friends and support
him/push him in the direction he's currently going aren't
really his friends at all !

I'd like to think that Warrior for example, while publicly
supporting him (which I think is admirable) is furiously
working behind the scenes to dissuade Gerry from his present
course of alienating those who would rather support him than
have to disown him.

But if Warrior actually agrees with Gerry's tactics, I can't
see anything positive coming out of this at all.





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