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Subject: Re: German Translation of 1986 Armstrong "settlement agreement"
From: Rebecca Hartong <rhartong@cox.net>
Newsgroups: de.soc.weltanschauung.scientology,alt.religion.scientology
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On 8/22/03 1:23 PM, in article 08ickvokts25jv4017t63ileo84ujf4jlg@4ax.com,
"Gerry Armstrong" <gerry@gerryarmstrong.org> wrote:

> ...and even despite the fact that virtually
> all Scientologists are criminals,

Say what?!? Talk about "black propaganda"! (An idiotic concept, by the way.)
I'd really love to see your evidence that "virtually all Scientologists are
criminals." Please provide it. You can post it here.

> ...he is just the same as you
> Scientologists, that all of you are God's children, created in His
> image. That means, of course, that philosphically and intellectually
> Thomas is superior to virtually every Scientologist, since all of you
> believe that he is socially and morally inferior.

Oh. While you're at it you can also provide your proof that "all
[Scientologists] believe that [Gandow] is socially and morally inferior". I
presume you've interviewed each one?

Actually, okay. You can slide on that one. If even ~I~ think Gandow's got
some social and moral problems (and I'm not even a Scientologist), then it's
within the realm of possibility that every single Scientologist feels

> ...I am in Germany because your cult is criminal, because virtually every
> Scientologist is a criminal, because Scientologists refuse to use
> reason, and because, since virtually every Scientologist demonstrates
> a willingness to commit crimes to harm me, I am at extreme risk of
> assassination by Scientologists.

Jeez. Just when I thought you couldn't get any kookier....

> In Germany, as you know, Scientology
> is recognized as a dangerous cult, and is not able here to commit the
> same crimes against individuals as you cultists are able to perpetrate
> in the U.S.

Yeah, those Scientologists. They've got MOUNTAINS of bodies hidden.
Assassination victims, all of 'em. JFK? It was the Scientologists. Gandhi?
Scientologists. Martin Luther King? Do you even need to ask?

Rebecca Hartong
"One unerring mark of the love of truth is not entertaining
any proposition with greater assurance than the proofs it is
built upon will warrant." --John Locke

p.s. You have my permission to add this to your "Follies" page. (Is that
thing still even up?)







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