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Subject: Re: Gerry Armstrong and OSA: Separated at Birth??
From: Rebecca Hartong <rhartong@cox.net>
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On 11/18/02 2:26 PM, in article 6jfituo57p3hohs86vg4ngo0d7qc4it7js@4ax.com,
"Tilman Hausherr" <tilman@berlin.snafu.de> wrote:

> On Mon, 18 Nov 2002 13:17:22 -0500, ptsc <ptsc AT nym DOT cryptofortress
> DOT com> wrote in <lfbitu0jiqtrc0a7c7jm68sm86g8rc5ris@4ax.com>:
>> On Mon, 18 Nov 2002 18:05:13 +0100, Tilman Hausherr <tilman@berlin.snafu.de>
>> wrote:
>>> On Sun, 17 Nov 2002 16:21:22 GMT, Deana Holmes <mirele@sonic.net> wrote
>>> in <Xns92C95F6E3CD07mirelesonicnet@>:

>>>> Let's see...now I have not one, but TWO hate pages! Gosh, I am so
>>>> privileged!

>>>> The first page (www.religiousfreedomwatch.org/extremists/holmes1.html) is
>>>> compliments of our fave friends at the Office of Special Affairs, Church of
>>>> Scientology. It's been up for a few years now.

>>>> The second page is from Gerry Armstrong, "profit" of God. His page can be
>>>> found here:
>>>> http://www.gerryarmstrong.org/50grand/cult/usenet/goon-squad-follies.html

>>>> You know, I never knew that so-called "critics" would stoop to OSA tactics
>>>> to smear people like myself who are telling the hard truth about their
>>>> antics.

>>> What "smear"?

>>> What "OSA tactic"?

>>> The page simply contains your own postings (aren't you proud of them?),
>>> plus a cartoon with you dancing. I didn't know your legs go that high!

>>> That picture is a nice piece of art.
>> If capitalizing the letters "OSA" in "goOnSquAd follies" is not supposed to
>> imply some connection to OSA by the people on the page, then exactly
>> what is it supposed to imply?
> I'd say it implies a similarity, a parallel to OSA methods. This applies
> to you pretty well, considering your Gandow security check attempt.
> Compare your questions to OSA's questions (webbed on GA's page).

You may have noticed, Tilman, that Gerry has included a post of mine also on
his page. If you read it, you will see that it is barely insulting towards
him and--in fact--is directed at Deana and her quarrel with Gerry, telling
her that I think the whole thing (her side of it and his) is silly.

I'm curious whether you find that post of mine to be "similar, a parallel to
OSA methods" and, if so, how?

I don't know whether Gerry's intention is to compare the people he quotes to
OSA and, frankly, I don't care. I do think though it's, at the very least,
*weird* that anyone would go to the effort he's gone to collect these posts
and put them up on a web page.

Don't you?




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