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From: "Fluffygirl" <amafluffygirl@yahoo.com>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: Gerry Armstrong and OSA: Separated at Birth??
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2002 17:45:27 -0600
Organization: Lightlink Internet
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"anonymous" <anonymous@anonymous.com> wrote in message
> In article <lfbitu0jiqtrc0a7c7jm68sm86g8rc5ris@4ax.com>, ptsc says...
> >
> >If capitalizing the letters "OSA" in "goOnSquAd follies" is not
> >supposed to imply some connection to OSA by the people on the page,
> >then exactly what is it supposed to imply?
> The implication is that the people on the page act like OSA operatives.
> The material on the site speaks for itself. The fact that you, Deana
> Holmes, Garry Scarff and Diane Richardson fail to see any difference
> between what Gerry does and what OSA does shows that you are all lacking
> in your critical thinking abilities of differentiation. If you really
> knew, understood and evaluated what OSA's methods are you would see the
> difference.
> Factually, the four of you are acting like OSA operatives by your
> repeated propaganda portraying Gerry as a kook and a lunatic.
> Gerry, on the other hand, lets the webbed posts speak for themselves.
> >I think the only reasonable inference is that Armstrong is accusing
> >the people featured on his hate page of being OSA or connected to OSA.
> Clearly your critical thinking abilities are severely limited.
> In fact, Gerry has done no such thing.
> >I find this to be frankly lunatic behavior.
> Here again you act like an OSA operative.
> It would be lunatic behaviour, *if* Armstrong were doing what you
> erroneously infer. He has, however, not accused the people on his
> page of being OSA or connected to OSA. You, however, by use of
> your repeated characterizations of Gerry as a kook and a lunatic
> *have* acted just like an OSA operative. You, like OSA, *attack*.
> Gerry, unlike OSA, defends against attacks.

So do I. Then much whining and accusations ensue.

Defending or not defending against attacks do not, either of them,
constitute criteria for determining connection to Dept 20 - the bogeyman and
scapegoat we so love to hate.

'S' jes fuckin' nutz...






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