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From: ExScn <none@thnx.net>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: Another of Armstrong's lies
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Date: Mon, 09 Dec 2002 16:20:11 GMT

On Sun, 8 Dec 2002 12:57:52 -0600 (CST), boobootigger@webtv.net
(Tigger) wrote:

>Date: Sat, Dec 7, 2002, 11:59pm (CST-2) From: warrior@xenu.ca (Warrior)

>>The web pages came about because of
>> the attacks on Gerry's credibility by
>> persons like Deana. There are others
>> who routinely mischaracterized Gerry as
>> a "loon" and a "kook" and a "false profit"
>> and "delusional" OFF OF a.r.s. long
>> before it was ~apparent~ (visible) ON
>> a.r.s.
>Hey I never "criticized" Gerry Armstrong until recently after he started
>atttacking me for asking if he could/would tell us about the Minton
>Swiss checks he received. Then I posted that his webpage on Garry
>Scarff was stupid and a waste of time that could better be used on
>information about COS. Most of the people on his goOn SquAd list only
>said his "webpage" on Scarff was a bad idea before he started attacking
>No matter how you, Lerma, Armstrong and his girlfriend try to spin
>it......most of the people were put on Armstrong's webpage because they
>disagreed with his doing such a webpage.

This is 100% correct. I went back to the first post from Gerry re
Scarff and read ALL the follow-ups.

Everyone, including Tigger, was quite courteous and even respectful -
they were acting as friends would do when they see someone about to do
something silly.

Gerry's reaction has been quite insane, IMHO.




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