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From: ExScn <none@thnx.net>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: The Gerry Armstrong fiasco - a summary
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Date: Sat, 07 Dec 2002 15:59:52 GMT

For those who may be interested, this is how I see it all came about.

Gerry/Caroline announce to ars that they are going to construct a web
page of Garry Scarff's 'hateful' postings about Gerry on ars. (Like,
as if anyone gave a damn or even read them !). So Gerry starts his
holy war by blowing a couple of his toes off.

Gerry/Caroline are then very *mildly* chastised for being so
infantile, and instead of bandaging his toes, the previously respected
Gerry goes into massive denial and decides to include all those who
dared to criticise his heroic self on an expanded web page to declare
all of those obviously 'OSA' or 'OSA-apologist' goons as anti-Gerry
and therefore anti-humanitarian godless cowards traitorous to the holy
war for Gerry Wogdom.

Having now selflessly blown off both his legs at the knee and hobbling
on crutches he appeals to the other professional victims on ars for

Unsurprisingly, all the resident career hard-done-by loonies
immediately identify with him and sign up to further their shared
lunatic cause. The usual ones are there - the still-in-denial Minton
crew - tragic Tilman (the first to support anything anti-Scarff), sad
little Arnie, crazy Joe, barely intelligible Roger, totally
unintelligible Zorro, meandering Magoo and quite surprisingly the
previously respected Warrior.

Well done Gerry, you've not only trashed your own credibility but
you've further dragged down that of other critics.

Scientology had nothing to do with this, you did it all by yourself.

You can redeem yourself you know, by following the lead of Kady and
saying 'I blew it ! I was wrong, I'm sorry', but I doubt you've got
the balls.

What's your epitaph going to be ? 'I used to be only a bit kooky, but
then I decided to go all the way' ?




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