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Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2003 09:45:07 GMT
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On Sun, 26 Oct 2003 11:56:07 +0100, Gerry Armstrong
<gerry@gerryarmstrong.org> wrote:

>On Sun, 26 Oct 2003 10:13:22 GMT,
>Anonymous-Remailer@See.Comment.Header (Cerridwen) wrote:
>>On 25 Oct 2003, Warrior <warrior@xenu.ca> wrote:

>>and sets up a hate page for anyone that criticizes him.
>That is a lie.

It's not a lie, Armstrong, it's a matter of opinion. You disagree
with that opinion. Whether you agree or disagree with that opinion
does not turn that opinion into a lie.

Quit playing around with your "pretended stupidity." You damn well
know the difference between statements of fact and statements of
opinion. Quit mistaking statements of opinion for statements of fact.
It's cynical and dishonest of you to do so.

>It is not a page for anyone who criticizes me. It is
>not a hate page. The only thing hateful on that page are the hateful
>statements made in the posts that are webbed there.

Those are YOUR opinions, Armstrong. Just because that's what you
think doesn't mean it is the truth or it is a lie. It is your

>Since what you say here is a lie,

It's NOT a lie, it's a difference of opinion. Quit the "pretended
stupidity," Armstrong.

>which you have been called on
>several times, and you continue to assert it as if it's true, when it
>is easily provable to be a lie,

It CANNOT be proven to be a lie, because it is a statement of opinion,
not a statement of fact. Just because you disagree with the opinion
doesn't make it a lie, it just makes it a difference of opinion.

As much as you might like to decide for others which of their opinions
are "false thoughts" and which are not, no one has given you the power
or authority to do so. You're only a Prophet in your own mind,
Armstrong. To others, you're nothing more than a cynical, dishonest,

>what you are saying here constitutes

I think what YOU are saying here constitutes hate.

>You have the chance now to correct what you've said here that is

You are claiming you have the right to determine for others what
opinions are "true thoughts" and what opinions are "false thoughts."
No one -- not even God -- ever gave you that authority.

Diane Richardson






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