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Subject: Re: For Gerry Armstrong
Date: Fri, 20 Dec 2002 19:35:54 GMT
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On 20 Dec 2002 18:19:21 GMT, jimdbb@aol.com (JimDBB) wrote:


>I have to agree to disagree with you, Garry.
>At least you have not accessed and posted Gerry's private and personal legal
>information but Diane Richardson has.

What? The information I posted comes from Gerry Armstrong's own
website, for crying out loud! Look at the URL at the top of the post!

>If you will notice the ease and facility which which she accesses and posts
>private and personal legal information on Gerry ( and others).

Because Gerry Armstrong created a website and placed that information
on it. That makes it quite easy for anyone to access, including you,
Jim Beebe, if you had enough functioning brain cells left to do so.

>She is doing
>this from her workplace at the psychiatric history library.

No I'm not. I am posting from home, just as you are.

>This library has,
>of course, the computer setup wherein she can access and easily move around
>institutional files.

"Institutional files"? You're hallucinating, Jim.

>Diane, however, wants you to think that she is not doing
>this from her workplace. But it is quite obvious that she is.

I am doing it from home. I am posting from my personal internet
account. You've continued making false accusations like this
for years, Jim.

>Gerry Armstrong would certainly have cause to sue Diane Richardson's employer
>for the harassment emanating from an employee while at work in the employer's

You are downright delusional, Jim. Check and make sure your canisters
are marked "oxygen" and not "nitrous oxide."

Diane Richardson




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