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Subject: Re: Another of Armstrong's lies
Date: Sat, 07 Dec 2002 16:17:44 GMT
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On 7 Dec 2002 07:35:42 -0800, Warrior <warrior@xenu.ca> wrote:

>In article <3DF20C58.9020004@starshadowlovesxenu.net>, Starshadow says...
>>Another of the Lunatic Fringe weighs in.
>Well, there you go, Tom. For daring to speak about black propaganda

Please define what you mean by "black propaganda." You have
used this phrase many time to describe the posts of individuals
who disagree and/or criticize with Gerry Armstrong, Tom Padgett,
and perhaps others I haven't read.

I have asked you several times to explain what you mean when you
use this phrase, but to date you have ignored my questions. If you
are going to continue making the accusation that others are
using "black propaganda," I think it is only fair if you would
explain just what you mean.

Ignoring this question isn't going to make it go away, Warrior.

Diane Richardson




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