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From: referen@bway.net (Diane Richardson)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: Goon Squad Trouper Tries New Song and Dance (was Re: CLairification
Date: Thu, 05 Dec 2002 13:31:05 GMT
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On 5 Dec 2002 03:34:59 -0800, Warrior <warrior@xenu.ca> wrote:

>>>Gerry Armstrong wrote:
>>>>That's why we have your hate posts in their complete pretended
>>>>stupidity on the GOoN sQUaD FOLLIES page, and why we have provided
>>>>links to the complete threads so that people can judge by seeing the
>>>>whole context in which you've made these hate posts, and judge what
>>>>sort of person, and for what motive such a person, would be calling
>>>>the Scientology cult's major fair game victims "low life scum."
>Note in Diane's initial response to Gerry, the use of the phrase "nothing
>more than" as an attempt to convey the false idea that Gerry's statement
>is *nothing*more*than* his own personal opinion. (asteriks added so readers
>will understand the point I was/am making)

Gerry Armstrong (or more accurately the Gerroline unit) stated his
opinion as if it were a fact.

Whether he, you, or anyone else believes that Gerry Armstrong is what
he claims he is, that is only your OPINION, not a fact. Gerry
Armstrong (or more accurately the Gerroline unit) has a nasty habit of
stating his opinions as if they were facts.

>Was it Diane's intention to imply that no one else could have the same
>opinion as Gerry? I believe it was, due to her use of the phrase "nothing
>more than".

And you are very, very incorrect. That was not what I intended to
say. You are stretching this way beyond reason, assuming that you
know what I think when you have no idea.

>I now ask that Diane name any single person who is currently, and has been
>for over 21 years, a bigger victim of Scientology's fair game actions than

Margaret Singer.

>Certainly others have been targets, but I'm asking for the name of
>a single person who have been a target for a longer period of time and who
>is still currently a target.

Somehow I suspect you'll change your game now that I've given you
another name. You may believe the person who squawks the loudest
wins the prize, Warrior, but I don't happen to agree.

Gerry Armstrong is most definitely the person who whines, moans,
complains, taunts, and snivels the most loudly about his questionable
victimization. That does not mean he is the biggest victim, only that
he has the largest mouth.

In my opinion (and yes, it is an opinion, with which you no doubt
disagree), Gerry Armstrong has done his best to continue being
targeted by the Church of Scientology by deliberately taunting them.
When the CoS reacts in its predictable way, he then squalls, squeaks,
and snivels. Gerry seems to have managed to make a living by doing

Does someone who loses an arm in a shark attack deserve pity? Most
definitely yes. Does someone who loses an arm because he taunts
sharks by shoving his arm in sharks' mouths deserve pity?

Maybe you think so. I do not.

>Actual OSA goons are welcome to answer too. In fact, anyone is welcome
>to answer.

Diane Richardson

>>Diane Richardson wrote:
>>>I'm sure you consider yourself the "cult's major fair game victims,"
>>>but, once again, that is nothing more than your own personal opinion.
>>On 5 Dec 2002 00:33:57 -0800, Warrior <warrior@xenu.ca> wrote:
>>>Wrong. It is more than their personal opinion. I hold the same opinion.
>>>So it is *provably* more than their own personal opinion.
>In article <3def1d79.2608731@news.bway.net>, referen@bway.net says...
>>Unfortunately, I am unable to read your mind.
>Why is it "unfortunate" that you are unable to read my mind? I mean,
>what's unfortunate about it? Is it an ability you wish to have?
>>Therefore, I did not know that you are of the opinion that Gerry Armstrong
>>and his current lover are the "cult's major fair game victims."
>If you'd like to know my opinion, please just re-read what I've already
>My point is that at least one other person shares their opinion, so
>it *is* more than their own personal opinion.
>>Now that I know your personal opinion, I will amend my statement to
>>Gerry Armstrong to say:
>>I'm sure you and Warrior consider yourself the "cult's major fair game
>>victims," but, once again, that is nothing more than your own personal
>>opinion and Warrior's own personal opinion.
>I still don't think you have it right.
>>Thank you for clearing up my misunderstanding, Warrior.
>>Diane Richardson
>You don't need to thank me for anything. I'm not sure your misunder-
>standing has been cleared up. In fact, I'm not sure it really was a
>misunderstanding to begin with. Can you honestly tell me it was?
>Warrior - Sunshine disinfects
> http://warrior.xenu.ca




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