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From: referen@bway.net (Diane Richardson)
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Subject: Re: Question for Gerry Armstrong
Date: Sat, 16 Nov 2002 19:34:16 GMT
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On 16 Nov 2002 07:33:44 -0800, scottperry@miraclevision.com (Scott
Perry) wrote:

>> > the
>> > time that you will be forced to accept accountability for your actions
>> > is approaching...
>> >
>> > Be prepared, Scam Artist.
>> Garry,
>> Why do you belong to a supposed Church that in your own words
>> has to pay people hundreds of thousands of dollars hush people up
>> about what would otherwise be seen as its own missteps, and why do you
>> belong to an organization that prefers to incite fear to silence
>> people, as you just attempted to do, rather than allowing people to
>> speak freely? Is this the type of freedom that awaits you on the
>> other side of the Bridge to Total Freedom? Where're ya goin' dude?
>> Scott Perry
>> "Diane Richardson" <referen@bway.net>
wrote in message news:3dd637e5.397651@news.bway.net...
>> > On Sat, 16 Nov 2002 08:58:26 +0100, Gerry Armstrong
>> > <gerry@gerryarmstrong.org> wrote:
>> >
>> > >On Sat, 16 Nov 2002 01:25:14 GMT, referen@bway.net (Diane Richardson)
>> > >ejaculated the ear-piercing screech of the Libeler Bird:
>> > >
>> > >>So sue me.
>> >
>> > I see I was right. You ARE too cowardly to do anything but squawk and
>> > moan on the newsgroup.
>> >
>> > So much for the courageous prophet of God.
>> >
>> >
>> > Diane Richardson
>> > referen@bway.net
>> >
>So, it becomes obvious that both Garry and Diane are typical

You are wrong. I'm sure that won't keep you from screeching "OSA OSA
OSA" at the top of your lungs, but I have never been, and never will
be, a Scientologist.

>Whenever questions hit home they are conditioned
>like Pavlov's pet peeves to pretend to themselves and to everyone else
>that they didn't hear it,

You haven't asked me any questions. Rather, I started this thread by
asking Gerry Armstrong a question, which he has clumsily dodged yet
again by attacking me.

>and instead to try most desperately to
>change the subject.

I started this thread by asking Gerry Armstrong if he was going to
answer questions about the role he played in assisting Robert S.
Minton, Jr., to launder money.

Gerry Armstrong has since desperately attempted to change the subject
by attacking me. According to your logic, I guess that makes Gerry
Armstrong the Scientologist, no?

>Probably neither of them will respond to this
>posting either.

Wrong again.

>How could they, unless they tried to attack me
>personally, again changing the subject as all properly conditioned
>Scientologists know they must to stay In-Ethics.

If you wish to keep this thread on topic, then please discuss the
subject of this thread: i.e., will Gerry Armstrong be discussing the
part he played in assisting Robert S. Minton, Jr., in laundering

I'll be glad to hear your opinion on the topic of this thread.

>Is it any wonder
>that Scientologists are befuddled? LRH has screwed up the way they
>think so deeply that without using the old attack-bait-and-switch
>tactic, or simply the bait-and-switch tactic, none of them could argue
>themselves out of a wet paper bag!!! Hah!!!!!

Hah? I know Gerry Armstrong was a Scientologist and is still
immersed in Hubbard-think. Is that why Gerry Armstrong "attacks
rather than defends" any time he is asked an uncomfortable question?

Diane Richardson





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