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From: referen@bway.net (Diane Richardson)
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Subject: Re: Question for Gerry Armstrong
Date: Sat, 16 Nov 2002 01:25:14 GMT
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On Fri, 15 Nov 2002 13:59:13 +0100, Gerry Armstrong
<gerry@gerryarmstrong.org> wrote:

>On Fri, 15 Nov 2002 12:01:11 GMT, referen@bway.net (Diane Richardson)
>>On Tue, 12 Nov 2002 18:07:21 +0100, Gerry Armstrong
>><gerry@gerryarmstrong.org> wrote:
>>Will you be answering questions about the part you played in
>>assisting Robert S. Minton, Jr. (or, if you prefer, "The Minton Unit")
>>in money laundering?
>It all depends.

Depends on what? Your current delusional state?

>And I say that without in any way accepting your term "money
>laundering," since I received a legal opinion, on which I depended,
>that there was no "money laundering."

Acceping legal advice from Arnie Lerma is neither wise nor prudent.

>And now that I've answered your question, I have one for you.

Ah, but you haven't answered my question. It's lies like that which
trip you up every time.

>You wrote:
>Gerry Armstrong signed an agreement with the Church of Scientology,
>for which he agreed not to talk about Scientology in public in
>exchange for $850,000. Gerry hid the money, spoke out against
>Scientology in public, and was sued for breach of contract by the
>That has nothing to do with free speech. Gerry Armstrong signed
>that contract knowing full well what he was doing. He changed his
>mind, but rather than being honest and handing the money back
>to the Church of Scientology, he hid it.
>I doubt if there is any European country which permits individuals
>to break a formal agreement without facing consequences.
>[End Quote]
>Message-ID: <3c5fc162.1536919@news.giganews.com>
>You are, naturally, lying.

You are, unnaturally, delusional.

>It's a lie that I "changed my mind."

I don't believe you have enough of a mind left to change.
From the looks of your recent posts, you've reached blithering
idiot status.

>It's a lie that I signed an agreement to not talk about the cult in
>public in exchange for $850,000.

You're the liar, Gerry. It's a lie that you are a prophet. It's a
lie that God speaks to you. It's a lie that you are doing God's

You are delusional. Or worse, you may be *pretending* you're

>It's a stupidity to say that you doubt that there is any European
>country which permits individuals to break a formal agreement without
>facing consequences. It's the content, and the conditions at the time
>of signing, not the formalness (whatever that is) of the "agreement,"
>which will determine its judicial enforceability.

The stupidity here is your claiming you do God's work, Garry

>But the lie I want to question you about is your lie that I "hid the
>money." You repeat this lie when you state that "rather than being
>honest and handing the money back" to the cult, I "hid it."

What did you do with that $850,000 if you didn't hide it?

I know you won't answer that, since you wriggle and squirm
like a snake any time you're asked to take responsibility for you
own actions.

It's so much easier for you to lie than tell the truth and suffer
the consequences, after all.

>This is actually a good example -- since the subject was being
>discussed here a while back -- of libel.

So sue me. Do you have the guts to sue me? I'm sure you don't.

Or will you just continue mewling and puking on usenet?

I'm willing to bet the latter. Anyone willing to bet that Prophet
Gerry will actually be brave enough to back up his words with action?

This newsgroup has seen enough of you to know you're nothing more than
a hypocritical blowhard who doesn't even believe his own shore

>So my question to you is: what evidence of any kind do you have to
>support your lie that I hid any of the money the Scientology cult paid
>me in settlement to dismiss my case against them?

It's not a lie, Gerry Armstrong. I know it's the truth, you know it's
the truth, and your God knows it's the truth.

Quit demanding that everyone else believe your lies.

>Thank you.

You are welcome. Now let's see if you have the honesty to
answer my question. I'll repeat it for you:

Will you be answering questions about the part you played in
assisting Robert S. Minton, Jr. (or, if you prefer, "The Minton Unit")
in money laundering?

Thank you.

Diane Richardson





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