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Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology,nl.scientology
Subject: Re: Gerry Armstrong: Bald-faced liar
From: Deana Holmes <mirele@sonic.net>
References: <t6gcsu03l6mu56i0df0aj7rbp7t5qf77gb@4ax.com> <Xns92BDE0285EF7Cmirelesonicnet@> <aspq060o1n@drn.newsguy.com>
Organization: Scientology Killed Lisa McPherson
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Date: Sat, 07 Dec 2002 00:25:02 GMT
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Warrior <warrior@xenu.ca> wrote in news:aspq060o1n@drn.newsguy.com:

> I'll not again email Deana Holmes since she has demonstrated that she
> will post private email to a.r.s., as is shown below in her post with
> message-ID <Xns92BDE0285EF7Cmirelesonicnet@>.

Go to hell, Warrior.

You let Gerry get away with lying about me about the content of the emails
that we exchanged. I deemed his lies to be a threat to my reputation, so I
posted them. Gerry didn't tell the truth *at all* about me, or did you read
his first post in that thread.

So, go to hell, Warrior. If you're going to defend a crazy man who will
make up lies to defend his non-existent facts, then you deserve to be

And don't send me any email.

Deana M. Holmes

(c) Deana M. Holmes, all rights reserved worldwide. Permission required to
repost this article on a website. This means you, Gerry Armstrong. If you
repost it, I will definitely make finding Rev. Gandow's (aka Grabdough's)
superiors and bring this to their attention. So don't force me. You are on
notice, you first class liar.




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