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Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: Gerry Armstrong, despicable liar
From: Deana Holmes <mirele@sonic.net>
References: <clqquuojpra4n040cmfs93g0gn6s2edin0@4ax.com>
Organization: Scientology Killed Lisa McPherson
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Date: Fri, 06 Dec 2002 01:00:23 GMT
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ptsc <ptsc AT nym DOT cryptofortress DOT com> wrote in

> Gerry Armstrong describes me as OSA on his insane hate page,
> a page that proves he has snapped his last tether to reality. Why
> does he describe me as "Scientology's Usenet Black PR and Ops?"
> Simple.
> Because I said it was kooky to have a page falsely describing people
> in this defamatory manner who weren't. That, alone, is enough to
> get you on Gerry Armstrong's kooky hate page. If you disagree with
> him, you're a criminal.
> Gerry Armstrong, you're a piece of shit and a coward. I state
> unequivocally that I am not OSA, nor am I "Scientology's Usenet
> Black PR and Ops." You are on notice that your defamatory lie
> is just that, a defamatory lie, and you continue to spout such lies
> at the peril of the loss of your reputation.

What? Gerry still has a reputation to defend? I thought he'd totally
trashed it by now, except among people like Rev. Grabdough.





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