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Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: Deana -- Big, Big Supporter of Attacks on Fair Game Targets
From: Deana Holmes <mirele@sonic.net>
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Organization: Scientology Killed Lisa McPherson
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Date: Tue, 05 Nov 2002 00:35:28 GMT
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Gerry Armstrong <gerry@gerryarmstrong.org> wrote in

> Why does Deana support Garry Scarff in his attacks on Scientology's
> fair game targets? Why does Deana not support the fair game targets?
> Why did Deana try to undermine a potentially very valuable witness in
> the Lisa McPherson case?
> Remember this post?
> [Quote]
> From: Garry <Garry_member@newsguy.com>
> Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
> Subject: Re: Lisa McPherson/Caroline Letkeman
> Date: 9 Apr 2002 23:54:56 -0700
> Organization: Newsguy News Service [http://newsguy.com]
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> In article <c907buk3elp26ltjpdk9fq2gpvlggin6os@4ax.com>, Gerry says...
>>Scientology knows all about this, so there's no sense to withhold the
>>fact from our group of friends and supporters.
>>I have no idea why this wasn't posted by the people covering the
>>I understand that Caroline was named by Ken Dandar in court on March
>>28 as a witness in the Lisa McPherson case.
>>This is of course very scary to us both, because Caroline is already
>>fair game, already a target for her famous essay, for her studied
>>website http://www.entheta.ca/caroline/, her well reasoned, well
>>researched and gentle essays and comments on a.r.s., her nagging
>>demand for a refund of all the money Scientology ripped off, her utter
>>defiance of David Miscavige personally in all this fair game, her
>>steadfast goal to be reunited with her daughter,and her unshakeable
>>connection to me.
> Oh, there's a thought. "Unshakeable" until such time Caroline exhibits
> a mind of her own and doesn't accept all the the Gerrycrap hook, line
> & sinker. Once Gerry has had his fill using Caroline, he'll
> unceremoniously dump her like he's done with the other women he's
> wooed and manipulated.
>>I hope the Tampa Bay opposition will connect up with her, because she
>>really is vulnerable in this part of the world doing what she's doing,
>>and because for obvious security reasons I have to be here.
> Security reasons..horseshit. You have to be there because you're a
> loathsome coward and can't face up to your own responsibilities.
>>We thought our friends and supporters would want to know.
>>She sure is in my prayers in all this.
> Oh, joy. :-(
> [End Quote]
> Now Deana supports Scarff who tried to undermine Caroline and me, when
> Caroline was about to fly to Tampa to participate in the McPherson
> litigation *for* Ken Dandar.
> Following my April 9, 2002 post to a.r.s., the intention of which was
> to try to enhance Caroline's security in Tampa/Clearwater while she
> was there, I received a snotty, pretended thoughtless e-mail from
> Deana on this subject, which I took as an attack, and an effort to
> also undermine Caroline's participation as a witness. I replied,
> politely asking Deana to support her comments, and she sent me back an
> even more snotty e-mail, refusing to explain her earlier snottiness or
> her "reasoning."
> Since Deana was presenting herself at that time as the voice for the
> family of Lisa McPherson and the McPherson litigation on a.r.s. and
> the Internet, her attack on Caroline and me and her refusal to
> communicate decently was a significant factor in Caroline's eventual
> decision to not testify.
> There were other factors involving other participants in the McPherson
> litigation, which I won't go into in this message. But Deana's
> undermining of Caroline and me, and consequently the Lisa McPherson
> litigation, should be known about by anyone who supports that
> litigation.
> Now Deana openly, and with absolutely no logical provocation, joins
> Scarff in the effort to undermine and destroy Caroline's and my
> relationship.
> [Quote]
> So, is this part of your duties in being the only member of Gerry
> Armstrong's Cult of One [TM]?
> Really, Caroline, you could spend your time better doing other things,
> starting with taking Gerry off the pedestal that you put him on.
> [End Quote]
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> [Quote]
> Of course, I just see Caroline as the only member of Gerry's "cult of
> one."
> It's rather pathetic.
> [End Quote]
> Message-ID: <Xns92BBBC5CEDFEFmirelesonicnet@>
> I should add that my post of April 9 to a.r.s. alerting people to
> Caroline's participation in the litigation, which Scientology already
> knew about, did enhance her security, and did result in her hooking up
> with Mike Krotz, who was a great help and support to her.


All of this would be of great concern to me if I knew that this was true. I
really do think, that I should call Ken Dandar and ask him if what you say
here is truly the case.

There have been so many wild allegations thrown around a.r.s in recent
times about various people and situations. Many of these allegations could
have been cleared up with one phone call. In fairness to the newsgroup, I
will go to the effort of verifying your remarks by going to Mr. Dandar, who
would certainly know the truth of the matter, since he was there.

If it's true that I am the reason that Caroline decided not to be a witness
for a case that I care so much about, I will apologize to you and Caroline.
But if I find out that your allegations are not true after I talk to Ken
Dandar, will you apologize to me for not telling the truth about my alleged
involvement with Caroline being a witness to the case?


Deana M. Holmes




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