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Date: 23 Jun 2002 02:48:41 -0000
Message-ID: <TFA61ZJY37430.200474537@Nyarlatheotep-frog.org>
From: CL <cl@canyonlycanthrope.moon>
Subject: Re: Robert Vaughn Young's CIA connections
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
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alerma@nospam.bellatlantic.net (arnie lerma - www.lermanet.com) wrote:

>On Sat, 22 Jun 2002 16:40:16 +0200 (CEST), Nomen Nescio
><nobody@dizum.com> wrote:
>>From: A whistleblower
> should say from a deluded adherent of a science fiction writers
>alternate reality scam....

Wow. Some whistleblower posts specific and fairly detailed information
on government abuse, providing names, locations, and dates, and Arnie
Lerma--that champion of the downtrodden, that defender of liberty and
free speech--jumps on it like a four-dollar whore on a convention,
immediately snips away all the evidence the whistleblower had posted,
and, without any evidence of his own whatsoever, calls the whistleblower
a "deluded adherent of a science fiction writers alternate reality

Wow! Pure, undisguised, vitriolic ad hominem from Lerma without a scrap
of evidence. And, ~man~ was he in a hurry to get this whistleblower
discredited! This is a fascinating event in specific, and a fascinating
a.r.s. social phenomenon in general.

In general, I've watched this exact mechanism being used for some time
by the gourd rattlers in a.r.s. who have done everything they could to
evade and shout down actual cited, documented evidence of important
issues that destroyed their myths and superstitions.

This has included, for instance, the overwhelming incontrovertible
evidence that the Church of Spiritual Technology (CST) owns and controls
the intellectual property of Scientology, and therefore controls all of
Scientology, and that the control of CST resides in three
non-Scientologist tax and probate attorneys at CST.

The evidence exists. The evidence is incontrovertible. There is no valid
argument that can, or has been able to, stand up against the evidence.
The best single collection of that evidence I know of can be found here:


And the documentation is here:


So the only real way the gourd rattlers have had of protecting their
myths, their superstitions, and the saints of their mythology, is to
snip away the evidence every time it appears, and replace it with a
completely unsupported rant, usually consisting of little more than ad
hominem against the presenter of the evidence, sometimes even with
completely made up fantasy stories--as in the recent case of kEvin
writing fictional "science" to attempt to wish away actual cites to
peer-reviewed journal articles, including one in _Nature_.

When all else fails, the gourd rattlers finally just kill-file the
people posting the evidence--like me--as a final refuge: they just stick
their heads in the sand and pretend the evidence doesn't exist.

I have never in my life witnessed such a uniformly predictable and
well-defined social phenomenon of a set of people trying to destroy,
defame, discredit, evade, and ignore evidence and/or the individuals
presenting that evidence. The sad part is that they never seem to notice
that the evidence doesn't go away.

But this specific instance is especially interesting, since Lerma
managed to worm his way into the panoply of a.r.s mythology with the
help of _Washington Post_ reporter Richard Leiby and the Washington
Post, catapulted to fame as a "victim" in a copyright infringement suit,
and styled as a downtrodden champion of free speech rights, an heroic
little pauper "David" pitted against against the Great Wealthy Evil
"Goliath": DM and RTC. This, of course, is the mythology that I'm

Now to the cold, hard facts: it was the non-Scientologist Special
Directors at CST--along with their counterparts at IRS--who were behind
the copyright infringement suit filed against Lerma and the Post, et al.
That's proven here:


"DM and RTC" and the RTC attorneys--the Chief Demons of the gourd
rattlers--were, at all relevant times, acting only as agents for, and in
the interests of, CST, protecting CST's copyrights because RTC is
contractually obligated to do so:


Those are links directly to the relevant sections of a legal document
that spells out the subserviant, intermediate handmaid role that RTC is
in vis a vis CST and its copyrights.

And isn't it of infinite fascination that Lerma was a central figure in
this protracted lawsuit centered around COPYRIGHT violations, much of
which also included Leiby and the Post as co-defendants, and yet this
one overriding and most important fact of CST's controlling interest in
the suit--which links to federal agency involvement and abuse--was never
allowed to come out in the case?

But it actually goes much deeper than that: closer inspection reveals
that Lerma's case has links DIRECTLY back to the facts provided by the
whistleblower author of the original message in this thread, which Lerma
HASTENED to snip away and RUSHED to attempt to discredit with cheap,
shoddy ad hominem.

So this gets ~really~ fascinating, ~really~ fast.

So let's take some of this apart and get out our loupes, and hold the
pieces up to a bright light. What was it that the whistleblower might
have said that Lerma was so desperate to discredit? Let's start
restoring some of the evidence provided by the whistleblower that Lerma
was so desperate to sabotage:

>Robert Vaughn Young was recruited by CIA before going into the
>Guardian Office in San Francisco. I know that his CIA control
>officer at that time was William Hermann who Young met with
>regularly at Vacaville State Prison in 1970-71.
>Hermann was running the CIA's "Black Cultural Association" at
>Vacaville using CIA contractor Colston Westbrook, a psychological
>warfare expert whose firm had built interrogation/torture centers
>for CIA in Vietnam for CIA's PHOENIX program.
>The "Black Cultural Association" was really an illegal CIA
>domestic behavioral modification experiment being run on black
>Vacaville inmates out of CIA's Technical Services Division (TSD)
>under Gottlieb. Jolly West was senior technical consultant.

Well, I find that of ~great~ interest, because in recent "testimony"
<SPIT!> of Robert Vaughn Young in the ongoing McPherson proceedings,
Young says:

"I...was at staff at the Davis franchise from 1969 until '71.
...Well, because of the work that I was doing in Davis, I started
to do some public relations work as well as some other staff
positions there, meeting the media. I was also running a program
in Vacaville Prison, which is a medical facility that's just west
of Sacramento -- happens to be the one where Charlie Manson was
kept for a long time -- that I would go in every -- you know,
every week and hold a class in Scientology."

Whoa! I have no idea whether there was any such "Black Cultural
Association" behavioral modification experiment being run by the CIA on
black inmates at Vacaville prison in 1970-1971 (though I intend to do
what I can to find out), but Vaughn Young himself has admitted in sworn
testimony that HE was, in fact, going there "every week." So this
whistleblower's report starts to look awfully interesting to me.

And since the whistleblower has provided specific names he/she says are
connected to CIA, and the specific name of a purported CIA domestic
behavioral modification program, and the specific location of it, why
would Lerma try to discredit it, and ~especially~ why would he try to
make this out to be a Scientologist, when it appears to be, instead,
from someone who had some inside knowledge on CIA domestic ops?

This is a fascinating mystery. So let's go back and look at Lerma's
case, and we find that Lerma, at the time he posted CST's copyrighted
works to the internet, was on the Board of Directors of Larry
Wollersheim's "FACTNet, International, Inc.," a non-profit corporation.

Hmmm. So this connects to Wollersheim and FACTNet. Hmmmm. So we dig a
little deeper, and what do we find? We find this little gem:

1 c. August 1986
Dr. Louis Jolyon "Jolly" West--CIA-contractor and psychiatrist
conducting oversight on the government's secret Scientology-based remote
viewing program, and board member of the 501(c)(3) American Family
Foundation (AFF)--is scheduled to testify in the trial of Lawrence D.
"Larry" Wollersheim v. Church of Scientology of California (CSC).
According to the source reference (from Wollersheim's own archives on
F.A.C.TNet), Wollersheim has been under the psychiatric care of Dr.
SOURCE: 3 November 1993 and 15 November 1993 Affidavits of Steven
Fishman as recorded in Wollersheim's own F.A.C.T.Net archives: "DOS

That's from the second part of the ARSCC Librarian's absolutely
brilliant timeline about the copyrights, which can be found here:


Now, isn't this cozy. Psychiatrist Jolly West, who--according to the
whistleblower--was senior technical advisor on the Vacaville CIA
behavioral modification op at a time in 1970-1971 when Robert Vaughn
Young was going there "every week," is found in 1986 not ONLY to
be involved with the secret CIA Remote Viewing program (being run out of
the same division of CIA as the purported Vacaville program), but also
is Larry Wollersheim's personal psychiatrist, and is testifying in the
Wollersheim trial. And at this exact time, Robert Vaughn Young is still
a top "insider" in Scientology, the Public Affairs Director at ASI.


But this is quite a while before FACTNet is even founded, and so
certainly before Lerma becomes involved. So is there really any
connection? Let's continue our journey with the Ghost of Crimes Past,
and look in on some relevant events:

21 June 1993
Lawrence D. "Larry" Wollersheim files non-profit incorporation papers in
Colorado for "Fight Against Coercive Tactics, Inc." The Articles of
Incorporation state that the corporation will not have members.
Provisions of distribution of assets upon dissolution are to divide the
assets equally between Cult Awareness Network, Chicago, Illinois, and
American Family Foundation, Weston, Massachusettes. The corporation is
to have two directors: Larry Wollersheim and Gerry Armstrong. The
corporation is organized under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
Its first stated purpose is "to collect, index, computerize, and make
instantly electronically available important information on past,
prestent, and evolving coercive psychological influence technologies."
SOURCE: Articles of Incorporation as filed with Colorado Secretary of
State Corporations Office.

Hmmmmm. So Wollowslime sets up this non-profit corporation that, just
like CST, shall "have no members," and, just like CST, is devoted to
collecting and storing intellectual property. Hmmmm. And there is our
own little lying Gerry Armstrong sitting right in the big middle of it.
Isn't ~this~ fascinating. But wait! That's not all. I just realized
something else: The primary beneficiary for FACTNet upon dissolution is
the American Family Foundation (AFF). Well, didn't I ~just~ read
something else about that? YES! I did, in the first entry from the
Librarian's timeline, above. JOLLY WEST is ON THE BOARD of the AFF!
Well, I'll just be damned. This, surely, is all coincidence, right?

The Ghost of Crimes Past is beckoning us on:

18 June 1994
There is a meeting in Los Angeles that is attended by Larry Wollersheim,
Dr. Louis Jolyon "Jolly" West, Priscilla Coates, attorney Dan Leipold,
Hana Whitfield, Bill Jordan, and unnamed others.
SOURCE: A "review" of the meeting in the F.A.C.T.Net archives by an
unknown author. The F.A.C.T.Net Card Catalog Entry has only: "DOS

And there is the ubiquitous Dan Leipold in with Wollersheim and
West--Leipold, who later represents IRS agent Tom Klemesrud, also in a
copyright "suit" against "RTC." Jesus. How will the gourd rattlers
rattle all of this away?

But now it's time for me to just stand aside and let the Ghost of Crimes
Past (courtesy of that Angel of Usenet, the ARSCC Librarian) show how
the dots and the names inexorably continue to connect:

8 July 1994
Mike Rinder, with Mike Sutter (President of the corporation known as
"Inspecter General Network" [formerly the "Hubbard Dianetics
Foundation"]) fly to Seattle, Washington, from Los Angeles, ostensibly
to meet with Robert Vaughn Young and Stacy Brooks Young. Robert Vaughn
Young flies to Seattle from Los Angeles on the same day. The Youngs
purportedly meet daily with Rinder and Sutter for the next eight days.
[NOTE: Seattle is also the location of CST co-founders Meade Emory and
Leon Misterek, as well as the firm LeSourd and Patton, where both Emory
and Misterek were based in 1982 when they founded CST. Francis A.
LeSourd (like many of the attorneys in his firm) is a former member of
the Department of Justice Tax Division. Also: Registered Agent for
"Hubbard Dianetics Foundation" is Marcello Di Mauro, the attorney who
had, in late 1993, initiated contact from CST attorney Kendrick Moxon's
office with Jason Scott in Seattle--which leads later to the demise of
CAN. Di Mauro is not listed in FindLaw as a California attorney, but is
listed with the California Bar Association, and, as listed there, has a
"discipline record."]
SOURCE: 14 December 1994 Declaration of Stacy Brooks Young; October 1994
Declaration of Mike Rinder; information on Emory and Misterek from
numerous legal and corporate documents, on file; Information on LeSourd
and Patton from their web site and from DoJ Tax Division alumni rolls;
information on Marcello Di Mauro from FindLaw.com and web site for the
California Bar Association.

16 August 1994
An Amendment is filed to the Articles of Incorporation for F.A.C.T.Net,
Inc. The first stated amended goal of the corporation is to "collect,
index, and computerize information about coercive psychological tactics
and make it available via a computer bulletin board." The signing
President is Jon Atack. Larry Wollersheim signs as Secretary.
SOURCE: 8 August 1994 Amendment as filed with Colorado Secretary of
State Corporations Office.

Christmas Day, 25 December 1994
The Washington Post publishes an article by Richard Leiby that features
Arnie Lerma at odds with Scientology officials. And, as it happens,
Leiby makes specific reference to information from OT III (with several
details), but giving no source for his synopsis.
SOURCE: 25 December 1994 article with the verbose title: "ENFORCING
'TRUTH' How the Scientologists try to impose their version of the truth
on members, defectors--and on journalists. Scientology Fiction, The
Church's War Against Its Critics--and Truth;" Front Page, Outlook
Section, Page C1, Christmas Day edition, The Washington Post 1994.

11 July 1995
For reasons unknown, and with jurisdiction unknown, attorney Daniel A.
Leipold--who is representing Tom Klemesrud in RTC v. Erlich et
al.--"assume[s] custody of the litigation files from Church of
Scientology v. Fishman containing the Fishman Declaration [a.k.a.
'Fishman Affidavit']." [NOTE: The source for this entry, referenced
below, has an incorrect date for the event as "July 11, 1996" rather
then the correct date of July 11, 1995. Perhaps the "1996" instead of
"1995" is an OCR error. Regardless, the same source goes on to say that
"twenty days later" Lerma makes his postings of the "Fishman Affidavit"
material to the internet--which happens at the end of July 1995 (see).]
SOURCE: 21 November 1996 ruling in United States District Court for the
District of Colorado, Civil Action No. 95-K-2143 RELIGIOUS TECHNOLOGY
CENTER, Plaintiff, vs. F.A.C.T.Net, INC., et al., Defendants.

15 c. July 1995
Arnaldo "Arnie" Lerma is made a director at F.A.C.T.Net.
SOURCE: Corporate records and testimony by Lerma and others in several
court cases cited herein.

31 July and 1 August 1995
Arnie Lerma posts to alt.religion.scientology the entire text of the
so-called "Fishman Affidavit," including all of the OT Levels. ...
SOURCE: 28 November 1995 Memorandum Opinion in Civil Action No.
95-1107-A, United States District Court for the Eastern District of
LEIBY; ARS Week In Review 6 Aug 1995; 30 August 1995 post to a.r.s. by
Arnie Lerma via Rob Clark (henri), message ID

11 August 1995
"RTC" [EDITOR'S NOTE: Yeah, right. --Ed.] files a lawsuit against
Arnaldo Pagliarini "Arnie" Lerma, and against his internet provider,
Digital Gateway Systems.
SOURCE: 22 August 1995 Press Release from Leisa Goodman and Earle

12 August 1995
At 9:30 a.m., attorney Earl C. Cooley, attorney Helena Kobrin, President
of RTC Warren McShane, and others, accompanied by two federal marshalls
and a writ of seizure, raid Arnie Lerma's home, seizing computers,
computer files and disks, and other items. "RTC" representatives also
show up at the home of Washington Post reporter Richard Leiby wanting
Leiby to return to them the documents that Lerma had sent to Leiby. The
materials are returned to RTC--but at the same time, the Post is already
setting into motion a way to get the same documents from the California
court where the Fishman case is pending.
SOURCE: 28 November 1995 Memorandum Opinion in Civil Action No.
95-1107-A, United States District Court for the Eastern District of
LEIBY; numerous public accounts of the raid, on file

I'm stopping here with the Ghost of Crimes Past.

I think I get the picture. I think I'm beginning to understand a ~lot~
about Lerma, and about what's been going on with his connections in
Florida, and to the Wollersheim case, and why CST had Wollersheim paid
off last month. It's not a pretty picture. But I don't have to be hit
over the head with a baseball bat. Fortunately, I'm not so steeped in
the mythology and superstitions of a.r.s. that I can't see what the hell
is going on here.

And what was the upshot of Lerma's big copyright fight?

1. The actual owners of the copyrights, CST, were kept hidden.

2. The case was used to create the overwhelming--and false--public
impression in the press (through Leiby and the Post) AND in a.r.s.
(through Lerma, Wollersheim, Armstrong, Robert Vaughn Young and Stacy
Young, IRS agent Klemesrud, and others) that RTC, not CST, were the ones
owning and running Scientology.

3. CST Special Director Sherman Lenske was actually provided a PLATFORM
to enter into the court record a Declaration filled with lies and
half-truths, but giving the EXACT propaganda line that CST wanted in the
record, also helping to create the false impression that RTC was in the
driver's seat, and omitting entirely the vitally important fact that
Lenske himself was Special Director of the corporation that actually
owned the copyrights at issue.

4. Lerma got off with a slap on the wrist.

Wow. Quite an impressive outcome--all deriving to the benefit of keeping
CST and its principals hidden and protected, while RTC and DM were
shoved to the front of the stage in the spotlight. Very impressive.

No, nobody has to paint me a picture of what's going on here, or why
Lerma couldn't get to his keyboard fast enough to try and discredit a
whistleblower exposing RVY's connecctions to CIA and to Jolly West.

And the turds just continue to float to the top.


The so-called "A.R.S. Week In Review" is a white-washed propaganda rag
whose excuse for an "editor"--Rod Keller--uses extreme socio-political
censorship to hide important material facts from anyone relying on it.
Keller is in a deep state of denial on the existence and power of the
corporation known as "Church of Spiritual Technology" (CST--doing
business as the "L. Ron Hubbard Library"), and the three tax lawyers who
control it: Sherman Lenske, Stephen Lenske, and Lawrence E. Heller. CST
is the owner of all Scientology-related intellectual property, and is
the senior and most powerful corporation in all of Scientology. Keller
"sanitizes" his publication, keeping out of it of all mention of CST and
the non-Scientologist attorneys running it. Anyone in pursuit or support
of truth and integrity should boycott "A.R.S. Week in Review." Read the
newsgroup alt.religion.scientology for yourself and learn the truth.
"In Wollersheim's case, make that lying, millionaire, winner scumbag."
--Michael Reuss, Honorary Kid

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