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On 25 Oct 2003, Warrior <warrior@xenu.ca> wrote:
>In article <hIEmb.95150$sp2.44283@lakeread04>, TheWitch
>>Of all the folks listed I saw only 2 possible scientologists, and I
>>believe one of them was eventually pegged as a troll.
>It's not a matter of whether they are Scientologists or not.
>This is not the purpose or intention for the page's existence.
>Gerry has never said the individuals whose posts are webbed
>on THE GOoN sQUaD FOLLIES are Scientologists, much less OSA,
>as certain critics have repeatedly asserted. Perhaps the often
>repeated propaganda (redefinition spin) certain critics continue
>to put on the page has created a false impression in your mind.
>The page, I believe, is intended to be educative on the subject
>of OSA's black PR on Gerry and how goons unwittingly (and
>stupidly) forward OSA's black PR.
>Examples of what I am talking about are webbed here:
>For an informative example of how Scientology got the journalist
>Douglas Frantz to cast character aspersions against Professor
>Stephen A. Kent, I suggest this page -- http://tinyurl.com/sdu8 --
>beginning with number 7, titled "Character Aspersions". In the
>future, should the tinyurl not work, here is the actual url:
>Here's an applicable quote from Professor Kent:
>"Scientology's brazen and bold presentation of them as being true
> was so clever that [journalist Douglas] Frantz never considered that
> he was becoming an unwitting accomplice in a character assassination
> operation against [Professor Stephen A. Kent]."
>This is the point I have been trying to get across, in regards to the
>relentless attacks on Gerry's character and state of mind.

Ya, if everyone just ignores that flashing OSA sign on the Goon
Squad page and suspends all criticial thinking skills while there,
it will become quite apparent that Gerry is just a victim of

However if you happen to look at the page with an OPEN MIND
and see the flashing OSA sign and take note that these are
mainly critics, criticizing Gerry, then you might come to your
own conclusion about this page.

I recommend looking at Gerry's OSA page with an open mind
and critical thinking skills intact.

But be careful. You will probably be attacked by The Gerrior
for daring to say so and could find yourself with an entry
on that page for your efforts.



"Critical thinking demands we question the unproven, not that
we meekly accept it." Diane Richardson

For Stats on Scn go to: http://www.truthaboutscientology.com/stats/
For News on Scientology go to: http://www.scientologywatch.org





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