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On 26 Oct 2003, Warrior <warrior@xenu.ca> wrote:

>In article <XCB0GL9N37920.1189699074@anonymous.poster>, Cerridwen says...
>>Ya, if everyone just ignores that flashing OSA sign=20
>There actually is no flashing OSA sign. That's a construct of your
>biased mind. One looking at the page with an open mind would
>see upper and lower case letters alternately flashing. A person
>doing what Scientology calls "dubbing in" would see a sign where
>there is no sign. Can you show me *one* place where Gerry says
>the persons on his page are OSA? You can't, since Gerry has never
>claimed this. Therefore, you continue to fabricate a meaning, along=20
>with all the other goons who forward OSA's black PR.

Oh, I see how it works.

So if someone sets up a page of all your and gerry's posts that
they disagree with and calls it the COCKSUCkER GooN kRAZY FOLLIES=20
page and makes 4 letters (kook) in lower case, and then alternatively
flashes the words so that kook clearly shows up, it would be
what you call "dubbing in" and it would of course be a construct of your
biased mind.

But maybe not. Do you have your animated gifs turned off? Is=20
that the reason you can't see the flashing? It's either that
or you are just out right lying.

>>on the Goon Squad page and suspends all criticial thinking skills=20
>>while there, it will become quite apparent that Gerry is just a victim=20
>>of "propaganda". =20
>No suspension of critical thinking skills is necessary to see
>that indeed, Gerry has been a target of OSA's Fair Game.
>This fact is very well documented on several pages of his site. =20

Indeed, and now this makes perfect sense that because he
has been targetted by OSA's Fair Game tactics, that he should
do exactly the same thing and set up hate pages just like them.

Thanks for clearing that up.

>>However if you happen to look at the page with an OPEN MIND
>>and see the flashing OSA sign=20
>Correction: There is no flashing OSA sign. You've just engaged
>in the technique of propaganda by redefinition. Hmmmm....
>Who else does this? Oh yes, that's right... For one, OSA Scien-
>tologists do this when applying Hubbard's policy "Propaganda
>By Redefinition of Words":

I really wish you would stop using these Scn concepts. I've
been working very hard at getting rid of the indoc and I find
that by using their concepts it only keeps the indoc in place.

>"the trick is--words are *redefined* to mean something
>else to the advantage of the propagandist"
>-- HCO PL 5 October 1971, Copyright =A9 1971, by L. Ron Hubbard

Yes you've given a wonderful example of this in your post.

>>and take note that these are mainly critics, criticizing Gerry, then=20
>>you might come to your own conclusion about this page. =20

Yes, by all means, we wouldn't ever want to criticize Gerry,
the Prophet of God.

>Yes, one might see that certain critics are parroting OSA's
>black PR. One *definitely* will not see a claim anywhere, in=20
>spite of your phony claims, that the persons are OSA, since
>NO SUCH statement exists.

No of course not, and that THE GOoN sQUaD FOLLIES=20
doesn't have the letters osa in lower case either. Of course,
not, I am just imagining that.

>>I recommend looking at Gerry's OSA page with an open mind
>>and critical thinking skills intact. =20
>So do I.


>Thanks for showing me what a spin doctor you are, Cerridwen.=20
>You're a Scientologist, aren't you?

LOL! Only a Scientologist would dare to talk to you like this
huh? A non Scio would NEVER DARE to criticize you or
Gerry right?

It really doesn't matter how I answer because you will use
in some twisted fashion no matter the answer.

I know you are not a Scientologist but between your smug,=20
superior attitude and your speaking in Scn concepts you seem
like more of a Scnist than me.

The difference between you and I is I will admit that I still have
and operate on the Scn indoc. You on the other hand, call=20
yourself an Ex but behave more like a Scientologist than I=20
ever will.



"Critical thinking demands we question the unproven, not that
we meekly accept it." Diane Richardson

For Stats on Scn go to: http://www.truthaboutscientology.com/stats/
For News on Scientology go to: http://www.scientologywatch.org





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