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"Warrior" <warrior@xenu.ca> wrote in message

> In article <GCI03P7637914.8952430556@anonymous.poster>,
> Cerridwen says...
> >
> >On Mon, 20 Oct 2003 Cerridwen wrote:
> >>
> >>You really need to knock of this Scn victim shit. I think you might
> >>start feeling better as soon as you do. They didn't come after you
> >>and fuck with you because you quietly walked away. And NO, I am
> >>not advocating quietly walking away. I applaud you that you stood
> >>up to them and told them to kiss your ass. But it seems to me, if
> >>you are going to take them on like you have, then you should know
> >>and be ready to deal with the amount of crap they are going to try
> >>on you to stop you.
> Do you have any evidence he does otherwise? Here's some space
> for you to post your evidence:

LOL! You can be such as asshole.

> >I don't think that it's at all sane to then whine and cry about being a
> >victim.
> Easy for you to say in the safety of your anonymity. _You_ are already
> a victim of the fear Scientology is able to instill people. And you know
> it.

I know nothing about you and you know even less about me. You have
no idea who I am, what I've done in Scn or what I am all about.

I've thought long and hard about outing myself. I could do it, but I
don't and I won't. I'll leave that honor to another critic here on ars
that mistakenly thinks it's in "my best interest" or to some OSA staff member
whose job it is to find and out me. I've stated my reasons before. And I
will admit that fear was once a very big part of it.

If you have some dumb test like: "The way to prove you are
not afraid is to out yourself" then you can go shit in your hat, because only a
moron would think that.

You might think that I am just making up reasons to cover my
"fear", but I tell you that it is no longer that way. I don't know if
you are capable of understanding how I think, because I don't "think"
like most of Exes here and I thank my lucky stars for that.

You see, I think most exes are pretty much insane. Not because
they left Scn. Please don't make any mistake about that.
I think it's great that they left. I have no problems with that part.
My problem is that with the exception of Lulu and Deo, and a couple of
others, I think the exes here are pretty much completely bonkers.
This really bothers me and is a big part of why I don't make that final leap and
say "all of Scn sucks from start to finish and I am now an Ex! ". I
can't make that leap for a number of reasons but a major reason is because
I am afraid if I do I will start thinking like you and Gerry.

I don't want to become a victim nor do I want to be some sort
of enabler of the "Victim of Scn Fair Game Syndrome". Not ever.
I don't know if not wanting to be a victim is part of the Scn indoc or
if it's something that is a natural part of any sane person's life. But
it doesn't matter because it seem to be an innate part of me.

I find myself in this funny place on ars. Here I am a critic and not
fully an Ex but yet I tend to agree with some of the more SPish Wog-Never-Been-
-A-Scientologist types like Kady, ptsc, tikk, and Mike Gomez to name a
few. You know, that group that is referred to as the Buttersquash

Imo, they are a brilliant group of critics that have made
major contributions to ars and the exposure of Scn. And
they takes slings and arrows from Exes. Cracks are made about
them being "smart" and "intellectual" It's funny because most
Scientologists I knew were very anti-intellectual. I believe most
narrow minded know-it-alls really dislike "smart" people.

It must seem weird to you and Gerry that I am actively
unindoctrinating myself from Scn and instead of being
drawn to the opinions and views of the Exes, I find sanity
in the native born Wogs. By that I mean people who never
were influenced by the Scn indoc and suffer no ill
effects from it.

> >>I have no idea what makes you think that you are above criticism.
> Strawman argument. This is a sign of your weak position.

Incorrectly using the Strawman argument as a reply. This is a
sign of your weak position.

> >>But let me assure you, you are not. NO ONE is.
> It's pathetic that you even feel the need to say this.

I agree it is pathetic, I can't believe you defend Gerry
like you do. Read Gerry's post with an open mind.
He really thinks that any criticism of him is Black PR.
He even uses the Scn term Black PR. He refers
to Kady and Pts and people who "hate" and are
"bigoted". I tell you it fucking creepy!

> How's it going with shedding the Scieno indoc, Cerri? Is there a date
> when you predict you'll be able to break free from their control over
> you?

What a shitty, snotty, pussy way to act. As if you really give a
shit how my shedding the Scieno indoc was going.

I only discuss my unindocing with people who actually care
about me. Not with someone like you who uses my work
on the indoc to some how take a stab at me.

However I hope you are able to stop and look at any
indoc you still may hold on to. Especially in the area
of people critical of your leader.



"Critical thinking demands we question the unproven, not that
we meekly accept it." Diane Richardson

For Stats on Scn go to: http://www.truthaboutscientology.com/stats/
For News on Scientology go to: http://www.scientologywatch.org





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