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On Mon, 20 Oct 2003, Gerry Armstrong <gerry@gerryarmstrong.org> wrote:

<snippity do dah>

>How in the world does "mak[ing] a specific point *to* the" victim of
>the crime excuse, justify or ameliorate the crime? It doesn't. Your
>reasoning is BS.
>And worse, I believe that by your "logic" you are defending and
>advocating hate crimes.

Accusing someone critical of them as advocating hate crimes.
Now where have I seen this before?

>> On
>>Gerry's own theory we can't prove it wasn't Gerry who wrote the anonymous
>>message anyway.
>This is false. But it is also just another BS "reason" for you to
>justify this malicious forgery. Not only was the malicious forgery
>done *to* me to make a specific point, but, anyway, I had, you're
>sure, a faulty theory. Ergo, I may be injured by any means by anyone
>without any discipline of the person doing the injuring. Where have I
>seen *that* reasoning before?

Hubbard didn't like it either. He thought that people who were poking
fun at him were really trying to injure him.

>>But yeah, in general I think can be a bad thing.
>Like if the victimizing wasn't done to make a specific point *to* the
>very person being victimized, right?

You really need to knock of this Scn victim shit. l think you might start
feeling better as soon as you do. They didn't come after you and
fuck with you because you quietly walked away. And NO, I am not advocating
quietly walking away. I applaud you that you stood up to them and told
them to kiss your ass. But it seems to me, if you are going to take them
on like you have, then you should know and be ready to deal with the
amount of crap they are going to try on you to stop you. I don't think that
it's at all sane to then whine and cry about being a victim. You know what
a viscious, vindictive, rotten stinking piece of shit Church they really is. You
know that they will do anything, and I mean anything to stop you. Every critic
here knows it. So don't whine about being victimized.

You gonna play with the big boys, you gonna get hurt.

And due to your "victimization" you act like a kook and set
up an OSA goon squad page and link to it any critic that
is critical of YOU.

I have no idea what makes you think that you are above criticism. But
let me assure you, you are not. NO ONE is.


"Critical thinking demands we question the unproven, not that
we meekly accept it." Diane Richardson

For Stats on Scn go to: http://www.truthaboutscientology.com/stats/
For News on Scientology go to: http://www.scientologywatch.org





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