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Date: 29 Jun 2003 15:11:34 -0000
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Subject: Re: Caroline Letkeman letter to U.S. President, Federal Departments andQ
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"Gerry Armstrong" <gerry@gerryarmstrong.org> wrote in message

> The beautiful beast confronting the Miscavige regime from inside
> Caroline's signature is a black panther, chosen for its significance
> to the Scientology cultists

Good Grief!

Scientologists give very little significance to the black panther
mechanism. In others words, they don't care at all about it.

Yes, I know it is part of "the tech" but honestly, I can
not recall one instance of discussing the black panther
mechanism with a Scientologist in the last 30 years.

All that symbolism only has significance to you and Caroline.
The fact that Caroline spends time dreaming up things like
putting black panthers in her signature in an effort to
send a message to "the Scientology cultists" is kooky.

I wish you two would get your heads out of the occult and
stop looking for deep hidden significances that only the two of
you can see. You guys do a great join of DAing yourself
by posting this bizarre stuff. And you make serious critics
who do a lot of work look kooky because they get lumped
in with you.

Webbing the C of S's heinous policies like "Battle Tactics"
is GOOD.

A symbol of a black panther in your signature is Wacky.

Oh, and by the way, please be sure to include this response on
your OSA GOON SQUAD page.



"Critical thinking demands we question the unproven, not that we meekly
accept it." Diane Richardson

For News on Scientology go to: http://www.scientologywatch.org
For Stats on Scientology go to:

> [Quote]
> There are five ways in which a human being reacts toward a source of
> danger. These are also the five courses he can take on any given
> problem. And it might be said that this is five-valued action.
> The parable of the black panther* is appropriate here. Let us suppose
> that a particularly black-tempered black panther is sitting on the
> stairs and that a man named Gus is sitting in the living room. Gus
> wants to go to bed. But there is the black panther. The problem is to
> get upstairs. There are five things that Gus can do about this
> panther: (1) he can go attack the black panther; (2) he can run out
> the house and flee the black panther; (3) he can use the back stairs
> and avoid the black panther; (4) he can neglect the black panther;
> (5) he can succumb to the black panther.
> These are the five mechanisms: attack, flee, avoid, neglect or
> succumb.
> All actions can be seen to fall within these courses. And all actions
> are visible in life. In the case of a punishment source, the reactive
> mind can succumb, neglect, avoid, flee or attack it. The action is
> dictated by a complexity of engrams and depends upon which one comes
> into restimulation. This maelstrom of reaction generally resolves
> itself, however, in one of the five courses.
> * In Dianetics considerable slang has been developed by patients and
> Dianeticists and they call a neglect of the problem the "black
> mechanism." One supposes this stems from the ridiculousness of biting
> black panthers.
> -LRH DMSMH © 1992 L. Ron Hubbard Library
> [End Quote]
> Hubbard is, of course, nuts. A person confronted by a black panther,
> in addition to the five psychopath-approved responses, could,
> conceivably, confront the panther. He could be there comfortably. He
> could be there, confront, and communicate, without attacking,
> avoiding, neglecting or succumbing. But Scientologists and
> Scientology cannot confront. They are not permitted to communicate.
> They can only attack, flee, avoid, neglect or succumb.
> That's why every wog (R) is in mortal danger from this cult. The
> cultists can't confront! And they're paying big bucks for the
> illusion that they are better confronters than anyone else on earth.
> What they're really paying for (that of course they can't confront)
> the acquired intention to obliterate. Obliteration is the EP of
> attack. That's as-isness!
> Gerry
> © Gerry Armstrong
> http://www.gerryarmstrong.org



See original thread

See:definition: Black Panther Mechanism



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