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Date: 6 Dec 2002 22:12:55 -0000
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From: Anonymous-Remailer@See.Comment.Header (Cerridwen)
Subject: Re: Flag Resorts to NOTSoSubliminal Sex Advertising for L's
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
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"Caroline Letkeman" <caroline@gerryarmstrong.org> wrote in message
> From Source Magazine 140 © 2002 CSFSO
> Page 16 is a full page advertisement for the L Rundowns. The graphic
> image used to carry the message is a female silhouette, obviously made
> to appear naked, arms raised. Four Photoshop "light beams" intersect
> at and emphasize a Large "L" (as in "L's"). Two of the four beams
> touch the silhouette, one ends at the woman's torso; another travels
> across the woman's left groin directly to and highlighting the woman's
> crotch, and continues across her right thigh.

Please stop reading Hubbard's stuff. Stop looking at Scientology
Books and Magazines. Go for a walk. Go do Wog things. Get away from
this stuff for a while and come back at another time.

It will all still be here but you might have a fresh perspective. I
know you will think this is some kind of attempt to get your from being
an effective critic but honestly, you are looking for and finding
things that don't exist. Please take a break.

Don't bother responding with Scieno speak. I am not interested.

OSA Goon

"Informing people doesn't involve trying to silence those who
disagree with you." --Prignillius




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