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From: Nomen Nescio <nobody@dizum.com>
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Subject: Re: Gerry Armstrong, despicable liar
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Date: Fri, 6 Dec 2002 22:20:03 +0100 (CET)
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"ExScn" <none@thnx.net> wrote in message

> On 5 Dec 2002 03:09:05 -0000,
> Anonymous-Remailer@See.Comment.Header.gmsociety.org (Cerridwen) wrote:
> >LOL!
> >
> >Hey Exscn, nice to see you back. I missed you. :-)
> That was very nice of you, Cerri :)


> Hey, congrats on winning (?) the ars MVP award ! That'd have to be a
> world first - a Scn poster (even if a somewhat critical one..hehe)
> getting kudos from the ars mob, eh ?

Ya, I went right into the Sally Fields valence. "They like me, they
really like me!"

> For one brief moment I thought this might herald a new era in the
> history of ars, but then I caught up with the posts .. same old, same
> old :)

Yes, It does seem to be at an all time low. :-(
> So who do you think is currently winning the looniest Ex award -
> Arnie, Zorro, Roger, Joe Cisar, .. or Gerry & friend ? My book has
> the latter pair clearly in front with Roger & Arnie determined as ever
> to show they'll always be up there.

Yes I would agree with you about the Gerroline Unit. Afterall, they
did give me a place on their hate page. I'm really surprised Gerroline
hasn't figured out a hidden secret meaning in the name Cerridwen to
align somehow with Crowley and therefore firmly establish the fact that
I am a secret double agent. ;-)

Let's see. Cerridwen is a Celtic Goddess and is well known for her
Cauldron of Inspiration and Wisdom. Then of course Crowley, lived in
England, and was known to have taken a shit in a big black pot while
writing his words of "inspiration and wisdom".

Ya that proves it!

Anyway, I have to tell you that I really like Roger. He is a very
sweet and kind man and he has never attacked me like the other ones
that you mentioned. I think part of the problem is the language
> That should be good enough for another OSA paycheck, you think ?
> I never did get any Minton bucks :(

Well being a super secret double agent I get paid by all sides,
including the followers of Crowley. ;-)

So you are just going have to try harder, my dear

Double Agent and OSA GOON.

"Informing people doesn't involve trying to silence those who
disagree with you." --Prignillius





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