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Date: 1 Nov 2002 14:29:47 -0000
Message-ID: <7MVLFMZF37561.3540162037@anonymous.poster>
From: Anonymous-Remailer@See.Comment.Header (Cerridwen)
Subject: Re: Repost -- Tigger's Assignment (was: A Clue for Gerry (was: CarolineQ
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
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"Gerry Armstrong" <gerry@gerryarmstrong.org> wrote in message

> On Thu, 31 Oct 2002 23:13:15 -0600 (CST), boobootigger@webtv.net
> (Tigger) wrote:
> >Gerry Armstrong says:
> >
> >>Tigger says:

> >>>If you have a problem with Garry or his >>posts, keep it on a.r.s.

> >>Yes sir!

> >>>and post, don't make it into such a big >>deal with webpages.

> >>Good idea. Give me the url for your
> >> website so I can check out how you're
> >> doing it.
> >
> >I don't have a webpage, Mr. Armstrong, but if you want a clue about
> >to do it right, take a look at the excellent way Cheryl Sola does it.
> Oh please, yes your site building knowledge is obviously so very
> valuable.
> Please identify each item on our website that leads you to your
> obviously informed conclusion that we haven't a clue about how to do
> it right.
> Please then detail exactly what is in error with each item that leads
> you to your obviously informed conclusion that that item demonstrates
> that we have no clue about doing it right.
> And then please identify each item on Ms. Sola's website which leads
> you to your informed conclusion that she is doing it right, and then
> contrast each to the items you've identified on Ms. Sola's site to the
> items you've identified on our site, and show how in each instance Ms.
> Sola has a clue and we do not.
> You'd really love to get us playing dueling websites, wouldn't you?
> >After all it's about the abuses of Scientology not the angry words of
> >Garry Scarff or Gerry Armstrong and/or his girlfriend.
> Oh, please do identify the angry words of me or Caroline you say our
> site is all about. Here I'll leave you space:

You are a condescending, manipulative bully.

Try answering the question rather than attacking her
for asking it.

> May I suggest you retread your Black PR Course?

Yes, you seem to be an "expert' in the application of that data.

Your new web site contains much excellent data and I would like to
thank you for finally making the data public. BUT

I really wish you would stop thinking with the Scn Mind Fuck, Gerry.

You could be very helpful to the critical movement if you'd stop
operating like a brainwashed cultist. I know it's difficult and
requires some looking inward and admitting some really horrible things
about yourself, but you are a bright guy. I think you can do it.


"Informing people doesn't involve trying to silence those who
disagree with you." --Prignillius




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